Internship Subjects - Section contents

Some courses offer internship subjects where a substantial industry placement is part of the subject requirements.

Following are some examples of internship subjects available at the University. These are in addition to placements undertaken as an integral part of a professional course such as Social Work or Teaching.

Check with your Student Centre and the Handbook to identify all opportunities.


A number of internship subjects are offered within the Bachelor of Arts – some are discipline-specific, while the Arts Internship subject is available to all Arts Majors as a 2nd or 3rd year elective.

Most graduate courses in the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences offer internship subjects.

The internship length varies, but they are usually 80-100 hours for Bachelor of Arts students. Graduate Masters students complete more extensive and often intensive placements, up to 6 weeks full-time.

Community Volunteering for Change (Arts Faculty) - this Level 2 or 3 subject is available as an elective to Bachelor of Arts students and as breadth in other undergraduate degrees where approved by the home faculty. This subject includes an 80 hour placement in a community change context with a not-for-profit organisation.


Science & Technology internship subject: available to all Bachelor of Science (B-SC) majors, many Master of Science programs in their professional tools subjects and may contribute to the science component of the Bachelor of Biomedicine (B-BMED) or included in the following Bachelor of Environments (B-ENVS) majors: Civil Systems, Environmental Science, Geomatics, Landscape Management, Physical Systems.

For details about internships in Science refer to the full list of subjects on this page.

Industry Project in Biotechnology: This is a year-long credit bearing subject where Masters students work on a current project provided by a partner organisation that is of benefit to the host.

Urban Horticulture Internship: This is an 120hr placement during Semester 1 (or summer period) with a host organisation that is credit bearing.  Undergraduate students from the Associate Degree in Urban Horticulture can do this in a block or stretched out over a longer period of time.  As a compulsory subject, students are assisted with finding suitable placements.

International Internship in Environment: This is a 200hr (or approximately 5 weeks) internship offered in both Semester 1 and Semester 2 that is based internationally for students in the Master of Science (Geography), Master of Environment, Master of Urban Horticulture or Master of Forest Ecosystem Science .  Students will meet the costs of travel and subsistence in their destination country.

Keep in mind that other subjects, while not internships, may include real-world work experience such as industry projects – check your Faculty or Graduate School for details.