Class registration - Section contents

Once you’ve enrolled in your subjects, you are ready to register for classes and create your timetable.

How to register for classes

1. Know the class registration dates

Semester 2, 2017

Subject year level Class registration opening time
Graduate & Honours subjects
(Subject codes xxxx40000 – xxxx99999)
Tuesday 27 June 2017, 10am
Third year undergraduate subjects
(Subject codes xxxx30000 – xxxx39999)
Thursday 29 June 2017, 10am
Second year undergraduate subjects
(Subject codes xxxx20000 – xxxx29999)
Tuesday 4 July 2017, 10am
First year undergraduate subjects: 80% of class places released
(Subject codes xxxx10000 – xxxx19999)
Thursday 6 July 2017, 10am
First year undergraduate subjects: 20% of class places released
(Subject codes xxxx10000 – xxxx19999)
Tuesday 18 July 2017, 10am

Note: the above dates apply to most subjects. Some class registration opening/closing times may vary. Check with your Faculty if you are unsure of your subject’s registration times.

An intensive subject takes place over a short time frame rather than being taught regularly over a semester.

If you are enrolled in an intensive subject, refer to the relevant study period to find out when class registration opens for your subject:

Study period Class registration opening time
Winter10am, Wednesday 10 May, 2017
May 10am, Wednesday 5 April 2017
June 10am, Wednesday 3 May 2017
July 10am, Wednesday 7 June 2017
August10am, Wednesday 5 July 2017
September10am, Wednesday 2 August 2017
October10am, Wednesday 6 September 2017
November10am, Wednesday 4 October 2017
December10am, Wednesday 1 November 2017

2. Log in to your personal timetable

To register into classes for the semester, log in to my.unimelb.

  1. Select 'My timetable' in the Student Admin box. All available tutorials, seminars, and lectures for each of your subjects will appear.
  2. Select your desired classes.
  3. Save your selection.

When you log in to your personal timetable, you may find that you have automatically been placed into single sitting classes (classes with no repeats). You will be required to attend at these times.

If you are enrolled in graduate study, you may not be able to self-manage your timetable and will be allocated to specific classes.

Detailed instructions on how to register for classes

Solving any timetable issues

If you experience an issue when registering for classes, like a clash between two subjects or your class is full, the Class Registration Troubleshooting page has a list of issues and fixes to help guide you.

Subject enrolment and class registration

This video explains the difference between subject enrolment and class registration.

Plan your preferred timetable

Before class registration opens, you can plan your preferred timetable using the online ‘University Timetable (SWS)’, which shows all proposed classes, days, and times for each subject. Some proposed classes in the University Timetable may not be available when class registration opens, so use the University Timetable as a guide only.

Get the latest updates on class registration

  • If you have an issue registering in one or more of your classes you can request help and subscribe to common issues via the Class Registration Enquiry Management (CREM) system.
  • Stop 1 Twitter will also be posting real-time updates that might affect you during each class registration opening date so visit regularly to stay informed.