Class registration troubleshooting - Section contents

When registering for classes you may encounter issues that prevent you from finalising your timetable. This page will guide you through suggested fixes to common timetable issues.

Requested help through CREM? There's no need to visit Stop 1 - just wait for an update to your student email.

Common issue How to fix
Can’t get into your preferred class time Not all planned classes in the University timetable are immediately available when class registration opens.

Recommendation: Join the waiting list  (if available) for your preferred time and register into a different class time.
All classes are full Recommendation: Check if one or more of the subject’s classes has a waiting list or wait for more classes to be made available. As classes fill, faculties/graduate schools may release more classes. If you subscribe to the issue in CREM, you’ll be notified via email if this occurs.

Log into CREM to see if this issue has been logged. If it has, subscribe to the issue to receive updates. If the issue has not already been submitted to CREM, please log the issue.
Clash between two or more core subjects Recommendation: Log into CREM to see if this issue has been submitted. If it has, subscribe to the issue to receive updates. If the issue has not already been submitted to CREM, please submit the issue.
Clash between one or more elective subjects Choose another elective without a clash. Please note: the system will still allow you to register for classes with a timetable clash. However, missing a number of classes due to a timetable clash is not recommended. A hurdle requirement may apply to class attendance. This is also not considered acceptable grounds for Special Consideration, fee refund requests, or poor academic performance.

Recommendation: Withdraw from one of the elective subjects and enrol into another elective subject, which does not result in a clash.
Class finishes at the same time that my next class starts

This is not a clash. As outlined in the policy about timetabling, to allow travel time between classes:

  • Teaching will start 5 minutes after scheduled start time
  • Teaching will end 5 minutes before scheduled end time
A short-term clash between two registered classes (e.g. a lecture that runs for the entire semester clashing with a workshop that runs for one week)

The clashing short-term class may only run for one week or a short time period, and therefore the clash is not for the entire semester.

Recommendation: Check if your clash is short-term, by adjusting your timetable view from ‘Semester’ to ‘Weekly’:

  1. Navigate to the 'Week starting' option at the top of your timetable.
  2. Use the calendar function to change your timetable to a weekly view.

Short-term classes will have more information detailed in the + More Info section of your timetable.

Notification: “Sorry but you are not enrolled in any components that have classes today or in the future” Recommendation: Class registration has not yet opened for your subject or study period. Check our FAQ to see when your subjects open for class registration.
Subject has no available classes

This could be due to a number of things:

  1. The subject may not use class registration. Some classes such as intensives, off-campus subjects, or placement subjects, are registered manually within your faculty or graduate school.Check the LMS and your student email for further information.
  2. Classes may not yet be open for registration. Check our FAQ for opening dates.
  1. Check the LMS and your student email to see if your subject follows a different timetabling process.
  2. Log into CREM to see if this issue has been submitted. If it has, subscribe to updates. If the issue has not already been submitted to CREM, please submit the issue. You may want to choose another subject instead, particularly if this is an elective subject for you.
Unable to attend a particular class time due to exceptional circumstances.

You will need manual assistance to be placed in your desired class. Supporting documentation will be required.

You may also need apply for Special Consideration (Ongoing Support) to get an Academic Adjustment Plan.

Recommendation: submit your request in CREM and attach appropriate supporting documentation. All documentation must be on official letterhead and should include a contact name and number for verification purposes.

Circumstance Documentation required
Elite athlete or performer University-approved Academic Adjustment Plan
Employment commitments A letter from your employer stating your required working hours
Medical or health-related reasons A letter from your practitioner outlining your attendance requirements, or an Academic Adjustment Plan
Personal circumstances A letter verifying your circumstances (e.g. carer or parenting responsibilities)
Religious observance A letter from your religious leader
Your registered class is not visible in the Learning Management System (LMS) Refer to the LMS Subject Display Issues FAQ for advice on how to resolve this issue.
I've missed the class registration period and haven't finalised my timetable Class registration closes at the end of the third week of semester.

If you haven’t registered for classes before this time, you will need to request assistance via CREM.

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing your timetable, when class registration first opens, it may be due to one of the following issues:

  • Replacement of login page. A direct access page to your timetable will replace the my.unimelb login page on the day class registration opens.
  • First two hours are the busiest. Class registration is busiest in the first two hours of registration opening.
  • Limit your access to one session. Attempting to simultaneously log in on multiple devices and browsers will slow down system access for both you and others.
  • Avoid refreshing the page when logging in. Refreshing will cause further delays, as you will be taken to the back of the processing queue.
  • Blank page when attempting to log in. If you see a blank page when attempting to log in, please continue to wait as this means you're in the queue. Only reload the page by hitting the 'back' button if you receive an error message, such as 'page cannot be displayed' or 'application error'.
  • Browser issue: If you encounter a browser issue, try logging out and logging back in again using a different browser.
  • Plan your timetable. Before class registration opens, use the University timetable to plan your personal timetable. Make sure you plan alternative class options in case your preferred class times are unavailable.
  • Check ‘activity comments’. When logged into your personal timetable, if you see '+ More Info' appear below a class type, click the + box to see the 'Activity Comments'. Activity Comments may include information about known issues with registration in this class.

If you are looking for more information about individual classes:

  • Check your student email.
  • See the LMS under the 'My Subjects' tab.
  • Subscribe to known issues in CREM
  • Visit the University timetable for class times.

Class Registration Enquiry Management (CREM) form

For timetable issues that you can’t resolve, submit an enquiry or subscribe to known timetable issues using the Class Registration Enquiry Management (CREM) system.

For more information, visit the CREM FAQ.