Advanced standing - Section contents

If you’re about to undertake a course at the University of Melbourne and have completed previous study at a tertiary level, you may be eligible to receive credit (advanced standing) towards your degree.

Advanced standing refers to acknowledgement of prior study granted toward your current degree based on prior study or work experience. If successful in applying for advanced standing, the length of your degree may be reduced, as you will have fewer credit points to earn in order to complete your degree.

How do I apply?

You can apply for Advanced Standing by submitting an application on the Advanced Standing website. For step-by-step instructions, refer our helpful FAQ.

Apply for Advanced Standing

What types of advanced standing are available?

Different types of advanced standing are applied to your enrolment in different ways. 

General advanced standing

General advanced standing is credit granted in relation to an unspecified discipline area, subject or group of subjects. General advanced standard is applied as credit and means that you need to complete fewer subjects to satisfy the requirements of the course. This will appear on your transcript as 'Advanced Standing'. Advanced standing does not preclude you from selecting subjects of your choice.

Exempt advanced standing

If you are deemed to have already completed equivalent subjects, you may not have to take them again in your new course. There are two types of Exempt Advanced Standing

With Credit: If you are deemed to have successfully completed a subject or group subjects deemed substantially equivalent to subject in your course, you will receive a credit for these subjects and they will appear on your transcript as 'Exempt'. This means you will need to complete fewer subjects overall to receive your qualification. 

Without credit: In this situation the exemption does not reduce the number of subjects you must complete. Rather, exemptions are granted for specific subjects that you have completed previously, for example a core subject. Accepting advanced standing without credit will mean that you are no longer required to complete that subject, but have the opportunity to take another subject in its place. You will be required to complete the same number of subjects overall.

How much advanced standing can I apply for?


The maximum credit points you can apply for is:

  • For prior undergraduate studies: maximum of 100 points toward a 300-point bachelors degree
  • For incomplete prior tertiary studies: maximum 200 points toward a 300-point bachelors
  • degree.


If you are an honours student, you may apply for up to 25 credit points toward the coursework component of your honours year.

Graduate Coursework

If you are a graduate student, you must discuss advanced standing with your graduate school, as allowances differ between programs. Under the University's Advanced Standing Policy, the maximum credit for incomplete or completed prior studies towards a graduate program is 50 per cent of the credit points required for the award, or 100 points, whichever is the lesser.

Graduate Research

For graduate researchers advanced standing cannot be applied, as it cannot be used toward research components of a degree.

Community Access Program

Credit may be granted for subjects completed under the Community Access Program (CAP), provided you have completed the subject as 'assessed' and a result is given. The subject must also comply with all other conditions of the program and does not contravene other credit guidelines. You can only receive credit for subjects completed as part of CAP for a maximum of 50 per cent of the requirements of the course.

How is advanced standing assessed?

Applications for credit are usually assessed upon your initial enrolment at the University and in most cases you will need to provide detailed subject descriptions for an assessment to be undertaken. Factors taken into account include:

  • Subject content
  • Prior assessment details
  • Contact hours
  • Points value 

You will be advised of advanced standing outcomes in writing and advanced standing will be loaded to your enrolment record. Further information is available in the University's Advanced Standing Policy

Note: Any advanced standing granted may not meet the accreditation requirements of professional bodies and organisations. You must seek advice from the accreditation body on whether the basis for the awarding of advanced standing still meets their requirements.

Can I remove my advanced standing?

If you want to remove any advanced standing that you have been awarded, email 13 MELB with the details of your request. Be sure to include: 

  • Student ID number
  • Full name
  • Course
  • Subject code and name (if applicable); OR the type of credit you would like removed (such as 'Breadth' or 'Elective')
  • Points value and level of the subject/advanced standing 
  • A short explanation of why you would like the credit amended

Plan your credit

The University's Credit calculator can be used as a guide to help you plan your studies at the University of Melbourne.