Results - Section contents

After finishing your final assignments and exams for the semester, your subject results will be published in my.unimelb.

Release dates

Semester 2 2017 official results release date Friday 1 December 2017
All results are released progressively and you may be able to view some results before this date.
Special or supplementary assessments results release date

Within 10 working days after the final assessment is sat or submitted.

Non-standard subjects (e.g. summer semester, monthly intensives) results release date

Within 20 working days after the final assessment is sat or submitted.

For a full list of grading and results codes, visit the Assessment and Results Policy.

H1 80%–100% First Class Honours
H2A 75%–79% Second Class Honours Division A
H2B 70%–74% Second Class Honours Division B
H3 65%–69% Third Class Honours
P 50%–64% Pass
N 0–49% Fail
NH 49% Fail where you have not satisfactorily completed all prescribed (hurdle) requirements and would otherwise have passed the subject.
A mark of 49% appears on your transcript.
More details: Hurdle requirements FAQ
S -

A special or supplementary exam has been awarded.

Special assessments are awarded as an outcome of Special Consideration. More on special examinations.

WAF - Withheld – assessment to be finalised.
Used when the faculty has decided to withhold the grade. This would be used, for example, where additional assessment in the form of an assignment or an examination is being considered, or the result has been withheld pending the outcome of an academic misconduct hearing.
WXT - An extension has been granted
CMP - Pass (no mark awarded). Only used for subjects marked on a pass/fail basis.

Throughout your degree to you are given a Weighted Average Mark (WAM). The WAM gives you an indication of your overall academic performance in your degree and can be viewed in my.unimelb. At some other institutions, this is known as a Grade Point Average (GPA).

When can I see my WAM?
The WAM is updated progressively as results are added to your record, so the best time to view your WAM is when you can see all of your results for the last study period.

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