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After finishing your final assignments and exams for the semester, your subject results will be published in my.unimelb.

Release dates

Semester 1 2017 official results release date Friday 7 July 2017 (3pm)
All results are released progressively and you may be able to view some results before this date.
Semester 2 2017 official results release date Friday 1 December 2017
All results are released progressively and you may be able to view some results before this date.

For a full list of grading and results codes, visit the Assessment and Results Policy.

H1 80%–100% First Class Honours
H2A 75%–79% Second Class Honours Division A
H2B 70%–74% Second Class Honours Division B
H3 65%–69% Third Class Honours
P 50%–64% Pass
N 0–49% Fail
NH 49% Fail where you have not satisfactorily completed all prescribed (hurdle) requirements and would otherwise have passed the subject.
A mark of 49% appears on your transcript.
More details: Hurdle requirements FAQ
S -

A special or supplementary exam has been awarded.

Special assessments are awarded as an outcome of Special Consideration. More on special examinations.

WAF - Withheld – assessment to be finalised .
Used when the faculty has decided to withhold the grade. This would be used, for example, where additional assessment in the form of an assignment or an examination is being considered, or the result has been withheld pending the outcome of an academic misconduct hearing.
WXT - An extension has been granted
CMP - Pass (no mark awarded). Only used for subjects marked on a pass/fail basis.

The WAM gives you an indication of your overall academic performance in your degree and can be viewed in my.unimelb. The WAM is updated progressively as results are added to your record, so the best time to view your WAM is when you can see all of your results for the last study period.

More information:

Question Answer

What do I do if I’m missing a result?

  1. Wait until Monday 10 July and check your results again.
  2. If results are still missing, check your University email account to see if you have a message from the academic department about the missing result.
  3. Contact your Subject Coordinator (contact details listed in the Handbook) about your missing result.

For more information visit the missing results FAQ.

How do I improve my academic performance?

  • Visit the Academic Skills website and take advantage of their services including individual tutorials, workshops, and online resources.
  • Get feedback from your subject coordinator about your performance in a subject.
  • Arrange a viewing of your exam paper (see below for more information)

Can I see my exam paper?

Exam viewing appointments are a chance for you to have a look at your exam paper. Contact your subject coordinator to arrange a viewing from the previous semester at any time before the end of the second week of the following teaching period.

Visit the exam reviews FAQ for details.

What should I do if I failed a subject?

Once you have your results:

  • Decide if you would like to make any enrolment changes for 2017 (e.g. change a subject, adjust your study load, or take a leave of absence)
  • Check that you meet any course progression rules that apply to your course in the Handbook (e.g. for some undergraduate courses, students need to have passed at least 50 points of first year subjects before they can enrol in second year subjects)
  • Update your Study Plan via my.unimelb

The Handbook provides information about course requirements, subjects offered for your course, and subject key dates (e.g. last day to self-enrol, census date, last day to withdraw without fail).

If you’d like course advice, please wait until you have all your results before seeking advice from Stop 1.

See the section below for more details about unsatisfactory academic progress.

What should I do if I failed a requisite subject?

If you fail a requisite subject, you may notice that you have been automatically withdrawn from 2017 subjects, for which the failed subject is a requisite. If this happens:

  1. Check which subjects are missing on your Study Plan. Log into my.unimelb and select the 'My Study Plan' button (in the 'Student admin' box) to review your Study Plan.
  2. Check the Handbook to view your course requirements and choose new subjects. Log into your Study Plan if you decide to add subjects to your 2017 subject enrolment.
  3. Seek course advice from Stop 1 if you need assistance planning your future enrolment.
How do I know if I’m eligible for Final Subject Assessment?

The final subject rule isn’t something you apply for. If you’re eligible, you will be contacted.

Find out more about the Final Subject Assessment.

Question Answer
I hold a student visa and was due to complete my course in Semester 1, 2017, but have failed a subject. What should I do?

You will need to:

I was invited to graduate in July or August. When will I know if this is confirmed? You will receive an email on Friday 14 July by 4pm, which will advise if you will be able to graduate as planned in July/August 2017.

I’ve been offered a special assessment and I’ve been invited to graduate in July or August 2017. Can I still graduate?

If you have already passed the subject for which special assessment has been offered, you must decline your special assessment before Monday 3 July, 5pm* in order to attend your graduation in July or August 2017.

To decline your special assessment offer:

  1. Submit an online enquiry and select the category Assessment and results then Special consideration/study adjustments.
  2. In your enquiry:
    1. include your Student ID
    2. clearly outline the subject name/s and code/s where you wish to decline your special assessment

If you decline special assessment after 3 July*, you will be unable to graduate in July or August 2017. The next opportunity to graduate is December 2017.

* Thursday 6 July deadline for Juris Doctor and Law Masters students

I was invited to graduate in July or August 2017 but have failed subject/s in the first half of 2017.

All students expecting to graduate in July or August 2017 will receive an email on Friday 14 July by 4.00pm, which will advise if they are able to graduate.

If you haven't passed all of your course requirements and will be unable to graduate in July or August 2017, you will need to enrol in one or more subjects for Semester 2, 2017 or apply for a leave of absence. Refer to the Handbook for information about course requirements, subject options and key dates (e.g. last day to self-enrol, census dates, last day to withdraw).

When will I know if I have met the requirements of my course?

On Friday 14 July by 4pm, you will receive an email confirming if you have met your course requirements and are able to graduate. If it's confirmed you will be graduating in July or August 2017, congratulations!

You can also check online to see if you have completed your course:

  1. Log into my.unimelb
  2. Select the 'Study plan' button in the Student admin box on the homepage
  3. Navigate to the 'Choose a Study Plan' or 'Study Plan Details' screen
  4. Your study plan status will indicate if you have passed your course

What if I can’t see my course completion?

  • This might be because you have some interim results (e.g. WAF, WXT, S). Course completions cannot be recorded until all results are finalised.
  • If you can’t view your course completion, but think you have met course requirements, please contact Stop 1.
Event Date

If you are completing your course in Semester 1, 2017: deadline to update address in my.unimelb* to receive your free academic transcript.

* Ensure your 'Contact' address is correct and has the ‘Preferred' box ticked

Monday 3 July

After the exam period and after final assessments, results will be published progressively in my.unimelb

Up to Friday 7 July (by 3pm)

Semester 1 2017 official results release date

Friday 7 July (3pm)

Special/Supplementary exam period

Thursday 13 July–Wednesday 19 July

Graduation eligibility emails sent

Friday 14 July (by 4pm)

July/August graduation ceremonies

Friday 28 July–Saturday 5 August

If you complete your course at the end of Semester 1 2017 you will receive a free academic transcript mailed to your ‘preferred’ contact address in my.unimelb.

Monday 24 July

Results for special/supplementary assessments released

Within 10 working days after the final assessment is sat or submitted.

For assessments sat or submitted during the Special / Supplementary exam period, results are expected to be released by Wednesday 2 August.

Results for non-standard subjects

E.g. summer semester subjects, November intensives

Within 20 working days after the final assessment is sat or submitted.

If you have failed subject/s you may not have met the academic progress requirements for your course. You will receive an email with important information about your academic progress status and enrolment. If you receive an email, you will need to act quickly: refer to the email for detailed instructions.

There are two sorts of unsatisfactory academic progress email notifications:

1. Students ‘At Risk’

If you are identified as being ‘At Risk’ you will be invited via email to make an appointment with a Student Development Adviser. The aim of this appointment is to:

  • help you figure out what went wrong this semester,
  • discuss any difficulties you are having, and
  • together come up with strategies to help improve your academic standing.

2. Unsatisfactory Academic Progress

If your progress is unsatisfactory you will be invited via email to provide a written submission and to meet with a Course Unsatisfactory Progress Committee (CUPC). The CUPC will:

  • consider your academic record and any information you provide
  • discuss the strategies and support services that might help you improve your academic performance.
  • establish whether you have the capacity to finish your course.

The CUPC will make a decision about your future enrolment, even if you decide not to provide a submission and/or attend a meeting with the Committee.

If you decide to:

  1. Meet with the CUPC: you will need to phone to make an appointment within the timeframes outlined in your email.
  2. Provide a written submission:
  • If you are attending a CUPC meeting, lodge your submission at least two working days before your meeting.
  • If you are not attending a CUPC meeting, lodge your submission before 14 July (if you receive a CUPC email in July) or 14 August (if you receive a CUPC email in August).

Timing of email notifications and meetings

There are two rounds of email notifications. This is because a student’s academic progress status is determined when all their results are finalised.

Round Date emails sent to students Students ‘At Risk’ meetings CUPC meetings
Round 1 CUPC and Students 'At Risk': Friday 7 July10 July–4 August14–21 July
Round 2
This round includes students who were awarded special assessment or whose results were not finalised by early July
CUPC and Students ‘At Risk’: Monday 7 August 8–11 August 14–17 August

More information:

Situation How When

I need an academic transcript that shows I have now completed my course

A free transcript will be mailed to you.

Before Friday 3 July ensure your mailing address is up to date in my.unimelb. You can do this by checking:

  1. The 'Contact' address is correct
  2. Your 'Preferred' box is ticked

Academic Transcripts should arrive in the mail from Tuesday 24 July

I urgently need my academic transcript that shows I have now completed my course (and can't wait for my free one to arrive in the mail)

Visit Stop 1 (Parkville or Southbank) to purchase one the spot for $41.

From 3pm Friday 7 July

I haven't completed my course, or I need extra copies of my academic transcript

  • Order via eCommerce, or
  • Purchase an academic transcript for $41 at Stop 1 (Parkville or Southbank)


I urgently need a copy of my results


I need my Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)

AHEGS are only available to students who graduate. You do not need to order one, it will be mailed to your ‘preferred’ contact address in my.unimelb automatically.

Visit the AHEGS FAQ for more details.

If you graduate in August 2017, you should receive your AHEGS in the mail from Monday 24 August 2017.

Avoid any delays and ensure your details in my.unimelb are always up to date: