Graduation ceremony - Section contents

To prepare for your graduation ceremony, it’s important to find out where you are going, what you need to bring and what to expect on the day. You will also find information for guests and how to share your day.

About the ceremony

Each graduation ceremony runs to a strict schedule. Review the schedule for your ceremony and carefully note when and where you need to arrive and register.

Graduation ceremony running times

It is essential that you arrive on time for registration and gowning. This opens three hours prior to your ceremony start time and closes one hour before your ceremony start time. We recommend that you plan your route to the venue and allow extra time in case there are delays.

What to bring

Remember to bring a copy of your graduand seat ticket (print or electronic) on the day.

What you’ll do

When you arrive at the venue, present your seat ticket to the ushers to scan.

All graduands and guests will receive a conferral program on arrival. The program includes:

  • messages from the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor
  • a complete order of proceedings
  • a list of all graduands and citations
  • information about Melbourne’s alumni community.

Order of proceedings

Ushers will be present to direct you through your graduation ceremony.

  1. When it is your turn to receive your Award, you will be ushered from your allocated seat and directed towards the presentation point on the stage.
  2. Your name will be called and you will come forward to receive your Award.
  3. To acknowledge the Dean, nod if you are collecting a Bachelor degree or nod and tip your hat if you are collecting a Master degree.
  4. Walk over to the Presiding Chancellor to receive your certificate and congratulations.
  5. Turn and acknowledge (nod or tip your hat towards) the Dean of the Faculty.
  6. Exit the stage.

At the conclusion of the ceremony you will follow the academic procession out of the venue (ushers will direct you).

Each guest will present their ticket (print or electronic) on arrival at the ceremony and receive a conferral program.


  • Wilson Hall: Guest seating is available on the ground floor and in the balcony. It is not numbered or reserved: therefore guests who enter the venue as soon as the doors open have a greater choice of seats. Seats at the front-left of the venue are reserved for graduands.
  • Royal Exhibition Building: Guest seating is accessed either via the East Entrance (Nicholson Street side) or the West Entrance (Rathdowne Street side) – guests need to use the entrance indicated on their ticket. To ensure guests can view their graduand, all tickets state if the seats are on the east or west side of the venue. Please ensure you sit on the correct side.
  • Melbourne Brain Centre, Kenneth Myer Building: Guests can proceed directly to the venue to be seated. Seating is not numbered or reserved: guests who arrive early will have a greater choice of seats.

Photography during the ceremony

Once you have entered the venue for the ceremony, you may only take photographs from your seat to minimise disrupting other guests.

Official University photographers will take photographs of each graduand as they receive their testamur, and these will be on sale after the ceremony. Other professional photographers will not be allowed into the venue.

Children and babies

It is recommended children and babies do not attend the ceremony due to the length and formal nature of the proceedings. If children do attend they must be supervised by a carer other than the graduand. Carers can exit and enter the venue with their children as needed.

Please see our venues page for mobility access information for each graduation venue.

If you are a graduand requiring extra assistance during the ceremony (mobility requirements, vision or hearing impairments), please contact the Student Special Requirements Officer at least 10 days before the ceremony to discuss your needs. We will ensure that arrangements are in place for you and your guests.

If you have a guest who uses a wheelchair, walker, frame or cane, is vision impaired, or has difficulty in crowded spaces, please ask them to enter the venue as soon as the doors open (see your ceremony running schedule for exact times). Ushers will seat your guests first before the venue opens to other guests.

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