11am ceremonies at Royal Exhibition Building - Section contents

Graduation day running times are provided to ensure that your graduation day runs smoothly. Find out where to register and collect your regalia and when to arrive for your ceremony.


Graduand registration and regalia collection

To register and collect your regalia, use the East Entrance (on the Nicholson Street side of the building). This entrance is strictly for graduands only.

Arrival times are split dependent on the spelling of your family name:

  • A-L: 8am–9am
  • M-Z: 9am–9.45am

Photographers and merchandise stalls will be open during this period.


Photographers and merchandise stalls close

These services will closed for the duration of the ceremony. They will reopen after the ceremony.

Ceremony area is opened to graduands and guests

You must enter via North Entrance on the north side of the Royal Exhibition Building (the side closest to the Museum). Guests enter either via the East or West Entrance as indicated on their ticket.

All graduands and guests need to have printed or digital seat tickets to present to the ushers. Guest seating is not numbered or reserved: guests who enter the venue first will therefore have a greater choice of seats.


Final time for graduands to be seated

Please aim to be early: it is essential that you are in your allocated seat by this time or you will be excluded from the ceremony.

PhD graduands to meet at Academic Robing Room

PhD graduands need to meet outside the Academic Robing Room (Gallery level, east side) 45 minutes prior to the ceremony for a mandatory pre-ceremony briefing by the marshals. You will then be placed into procession order, ready to proceed into the venue.


All guests must be seated

Guests should ensure they are seated on the correct side – east or west – as indicated on their ticket.


Ceremony commences

The ceremony will run for 2 to 2.5 hours with graduand presentations alternating between the east and west sides of the stage.


Ceremony concludes
Refreshments served

All new graduates and their guests are invited to celebrate the graduation with light refreshments upstairs.

By 3pm

All hired regalia to be returned

Hired regalia should be returned to the location from which it was collected (Ground level on the east (Nicholson Street) side of the building).