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Once you've enrolled in your subjects, you will be ready to register in classes and create your timetable.

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Create my timetable

You can choose your timetable through my.unimelb once class registration has opened.

Create your timetable

Class registration opening dates

Semester 1, 2018 and Year Long subjects

Subject year level Class registration opening time
Graduate & Honours subjects
(Subject codes xxxx40000 – xxxx99999)
Late January (date to be announced)
Third year undergraduate subjects
(Subject codes xxxx30000 – xxxx39999)
Late January (date to be announced)
Second year undergraduate subjects
(Subject codes xxxx20000 – xxxx29999)
Early February (date to be announced)
First year undergraduate subjects
(Subject codes xxxx10000 – xxxx19999)
Early February (date to be announced)

Note: the above dates apply to most subjects. Some class registration opening/closing times may vary. Check with your Faculty if you are unsure of your subject’s registration times.

Different class types

Subjects may be made up of lectures, tutorials, laboratories and/or seminars. Check the subject entry in the Handbook for the list of class types. You will need to register for each class type separately.

Tips for choosing your timetable

  • Look in the Handbook. Prior to class registration opening, example class times and locations can be found in the subject pages of the Handbook. Class times and locations may change and are not confirmed until class registration opens.
  • Know when class registration opens. Class registration usually opens four weeks before teaching begins. See above or check the class registration page for dates.
  • Avoid clashes. Occasionally, you may have a clash between two or more of your chosen subjects. If this happens, you will have to choose one over the other. See resolving a timetable clash for more information.

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Can't register for classes?

If you have any issues in completing your timetable that cannot be avoided, you can use the class registration troubleshooting page to find a solution.