Make Experience Matter - Section contents

Experience outside the classroom is essential for building your skills and employability to contribute to your degree, career and life.

Come to a range of workshops and events across campus to learn how you can build practical experience alongside your degree. Every experience counts, whether it’s a day spent volunteering or a 3-week internship. Getting experience outside the classroom can help to build confidence, make friends, learn new skills, and make you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs.

Your experience starts here, so get involved now! To get the ball rolling, simply:

  1. Attend various workshops across the two weeks to build your skills and learn more about how to boost your employability.
  2. Attend the Opportunities Showcase to discover what opportunities are available to you.
  3. Come to the Reflection Section and learn how to reflect and pitch your experience to others, to make it count on your resume or job interviews.