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Did you know that Stop 1 offers a range of events, workshops and drop-in sessions? Find out what’s on at Stop 1 to help you get the most out of your University experience.

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Careers and employability skills

Get help with identifying resources, workshops, events and job opportunities to help support your career development.

Level 1, Stop 1 (Parkville)
Drop in
Level 1, Stop 1 (Parkville)
Drop in

Interview techniques including structured responses, pre-interview research, and demonstrating your suitability for a position.

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Tuesday 6 February
Room 206, FBE Building (105)

An overview of effective networking techniques and ways to present your professional image.

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Thursday 8 February
Alan Gilbert-120 (Theatre 4)

Learn to identity the skills you have developed through study and experiences both on and off campus in order to craft your professional identity and market yourself in the competitive world of work.

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Thursday 1 February
Old Arts-155 (Theatre D)
Wednesday 14 February
Alan Gilbert-120 (Theatre 4)

Learn the principles of writing and tailoring an effective resume and cover letter.

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Monday 29 January
Elec. Engineering-106 (Brown Theatre)

Get tips for sourcing opportunities such as internships, volunteering, casual and part-time work and graduate roles.

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Wednesday 31 January
Room G20
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Theatre
Engineering Building 1
Thursday 15 February
Old Arts-103 (Theatre A)
Thursday 22 February
Alan Gilbert-121 (Theatre 3)

Sessions are subject to change.

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To help us improve the way we deliver services to you in person, we’re redeveloping our Ground Floor space at 757 Swanston Street, Parkville. From Monday 27 November until January 2018 all student services previously found on the Ground Floor will be delivered on Level 1, Stop 1. Find out more.