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Take your communication skills to the next level by taking advantage of what’s on offer at the University. Find programs, activities and guidance to help you build your skills and confidence and prepare you for future success.

Strong written and verbal communication skills are frequently reported by employers as the most important skills when hiring. Prepare yourself for your next steps by building your confidence in reading, writing and speaking for study and the workplace. You should also feel confident establishing friendships and networks with fellow students, colleagues and clients.

This page will help you to find skills development opportunities at University, including workshops, publications, programs, clubs and societies. Events and activities run all year, so it's never too late to get started.

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Assess your skills

Diagnostic English Language Assessment (DELA) assesses your strengths in academic reading, writing and listening and can guide you towards areas for improvement in your skills development journey. It's not an exam, and you can't fail.

What does communication mean to you?

Students, academics and industry representatives talk about what makes good communication.