Ready to Study

Are you ready to study at the University of Melbourne? Complete this interactive online module to find out.

Ready to Study is a short online module to help you discover what's it's like to study at the University of Melbourne, assess your current study skills and provide you with tips and resources to help you reach your full potential.

It includes tips and reflections from other students, as well as expert advice.

As you work through the module, you'll be presented with resources on each of the topics that you can add to your 'backpack'. At the end of the module, these resources will be emailed to you so you can access them when you need them.

Go on, try it out today!

What will I learn?

This module will:

  • Take you through key University of Melbourne study experiences. For example: What is a lecture like? What will you do in it?
  • Share experiences, tips and advice from students and experts.
  • Suggest relevant resources based on your responses.

How long will it take?

This module should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

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