Managing your time

Strategies to effectively manage your time, so you can meet your study demands, and fit in all the other things you would like to do.

As a uni student, you have a busy life with important commitments or activities in addition to study. University, work, leisure, rest, travel – and much more. Effectively managing time is an important skill for any student, it is also a valued skill in the workforce.

If you often find yourself cramming before an exam, or feel yourself often rushing to complete your assessments in time for submission, then module is especially for you.

What will I learn?

This module will help you:

  • Identify the current demands on your time.
  • Assess how best to prioritise your time on an urgency matrix .
  • Experiment with the SMART model to break tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces.
  • Identify the most effective time to allocate to study tasks.
  • Identify tools that will help you with time management.
  • Develop strategies to avoid procrastination.
  • Understand how to plan for your day, week and semester.

How long will it take?

This module should take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

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