Study and learning drop-ins

Online Study and Learning Drop-in sessions provide you with peer support for everything from acing maths and stats, to refining your academic writing, and improving your library research skills.

This online service provides you with access to peer advisers who can help you develop a suite of skills to support your studies. Email us with your questions and experts will be online replying to your queries at the times specified below. For more complex questions, we may ask you to join a virtual meeting via Zoom.


The Study and Learning Drop-in service is available for students from week 3 to the end of SWOT Vac this semester.

Quick advice and feedback (less than 15 minutes to read your question and write a response) is available for the following topics and times:

Maths and stats

Maths and Stats drop-ins staff will be available at our Zoom meeting at 12pm-4pm on weekdays. Find out how to use Zoom.


Writing and library research

Replies will be send Monday to Friday, 12noon-6pm.


Academic writing support

Writing for an academic audience is quite different to other writing styles. If you want to learn about the basics or improve your already advanced academic writing, make use of our extensive resources or email the academic writing team.

Maths and Stats support

Understanding maths and stats concepts and their applications can be challenging and even a bit scary. Email our Maths and Stats staff to get help with the key maths and stats skills needed in any discipline or course. Or for more information, join our LMS community.

Library support

Researching, managing information and creating your reference lists can be among the most important skills to master during your university career. Get personalised advice on searching and finding articles, books and other digital resources to help with your assignments. Use the right tools for citing and organising your information and data.
For more information, see our Research Essentials library guide.