Reflective writing

Reflective writing is a specific genre. This module explores the requirements of reflective writing and provides a model which you can use to write reflectively.

Many university courses require students to engage in reflective writing tasks to help you analyse practice and theory, and consider your own place in that context. Reflective writing may be required for such things as professional portfolio entries; learning journals; logs or workbooks; part of personal or professional profiles; evaluating project work or practical work (e.g. placements) or directed assessments.

Reflective thought is a complex process, which involves interpreting new information in relation to your own experiences and knowledge. Reflective writing can help you to clarify and deepen your understanding of your subject material, and also encourage you to develop your own opinions and writing voice.

What will I learn?

This module will help you:

  • Identify elements of reflective writing.
  • Recognise experiences useful for reflection.
  • Connect your experiences with concepts and theories.
  • Examine and analyse your experience.
  • Evaluate the experience and reflect on future implications.
  • Review your reflection for accuracy, consistency, and effectiveness.

How long will it take?

This module should take approximately 55 minutes to complete.

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