Pronunciation of English

This module provides a resource to help you recognise your learning goals for pronunciation, and to practise clear pronunciation of English.

The module leads you through a number of listening and speaking activities to practise your ability to discriminate English sound and syllable structure. If you are concerned about the clarity of your spoken English, you are advised to attend our workshops, which are normally offered at the beginning of each semester. This module is intended to strengthen your learning.

What will I learn?

This module will help you:

  • Be familiar with the range of vowels and consonants of English
  • Hear and produce English vowels and consonants accurately.
  • Learn how a sounds’ position within a word or syllable affects its ease of pronunciation.
  • Understand the importance of accurate stress placement within longer words to clear communication. Practise accurate use of word stress in Academic word lists.
  • Be familiar with the role of pauses and intonation in meaning in your speaking.

How long will it take?

This module is not designed to be completed in a single sitting. Rather, we recommend that you complete the sections that interest you most, or where you feel you need most help.

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