Planning your course and subjects - Section contents

To make the most of your course, it's important to understand your course structure, choose the right subjects, and explore the options available to you.

How to plan your course

Find out how to develop and refine a course plan to achieve your goals and ensure you are on track to graduate.

Faculty resources

Course planning resources for your faculty, including course maps and other course information.

Choosing a major

Learn about your options for choosing a major in your undergraduate course, and check the requirements you will need to meet.

Breadth subjects

Breadth subjects allow undergraduate students to expand their knowledge, meet other students, and prepare for graduate or career pathways.

Study periods

Find out about study periods at the University of Melbourne, and how to use them to make the most of your course.

Study load

A standard full-time study load is 50 points per half-year. However, you may be able to increase or decrease your study load to help meet your goals.

Making changes

Understand your options to change direction in your studies if your personal or academic circumstances change during your course.

Managing your enrolment online

Swap subjects, change your major or stream, or make other changes to your enrolment online.

Course advice at Stop 1

Access dedicated assistance from course advisers.

Next steps

Once you've planned your course and subjects, you'll need to complete your subject enrolment and timetable.

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