Certified digital academic records – coming soon - Section contents

University of Melbourne digital academic records will soon be available to download and share, at any time using a secure service provided by My eQuals.

The digital academic records to be made available using My eQuals are:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Australian Higher Education Graduation Statements
  • Testamurs

Universities across Australia and New Zealand have started adopting this technology, joining international institutions already using this trusted system including Cambridge University, The University of Manchester and the University of Kent.

What are the benefits of digital academic records?

My eQuals allows you to access your certified documents 24/7 and view them in high definition exactly as they appear on paper. You can print an unofficial copy for your own records or share an official copy online with interested parties, such as other education providers and employers.

When sharing online, you can:

  • control who can access your document(s) and for how long
  • view who accessed your documents and when
  • shut-off access to any document, at any time

Application processes (both study and employment) are also increasingly moving into the digital realm. Using My eQuals, you will be able to provide a hyperlink (URL) with any electronic application rather than attaching scanned documents or sending originals.

Who can use My eQuals digital academic records?

If you are a current University of Melbourne student you will be able to access digital certified copies of your:

  • academic transcript which will include current and past study
  • testamur or AHEGS for awards of the University

Interested parties such as employers, other universities or government departments  will be able to access digital academic records in real time, with the full consent of the owner, by accessing the My eQuals link provided by you saving time and administration.

Are digital academic records secure?

My eQuals utilises advanced cryptographic hardware and banking level security to produce, and certify digital documents that meet the most stringent international legal standards.

My eQuals academic documents are issued using advanced electronic signatures which are compliant with EU Digital Signatures Directive 1999/93/EC and national enacting legislation. My eQuals documents are both legally-valid and tamper-evident.