Enrolment - Section contents

To be recognised as a current student, you must enrol at the beginning of your course and then re-enrol every year for the duration of your course.

There are two types of enrolment at the University:

Course or administrative enrolment: Where you confirm you wish to commence a new course ("enrol") or continue with a course ("re-enrol") for the coming year.

Subject enrolment: Where you elect to take subjects for a given semester or year.

This page provides information about administrative enrolment, and subject enrolment during the re-enrolment period. For more information on how to enrol in subjects, visit our Enrolling in Subjects page.

Course or administrative enrolment

New enrolment

Before you can choose subjects, you must complete your administrative enrolment. This is the process by which you confirm you want to commence your study at the University of Melbourne. New students must also enrol in subjects for their first year. Explore the steps for new enrolments at Get Started at Melbourne.


For more information on re-enrolling, see Re-enrolment.

Tips for enrolling in subjects

  1. Enrol in subjects for the whole year. This will ensure you are ready to go for the next semester. If you change your mind later, that's fine. You can easily change subjects via my.unimelb.
  2. Check the census dates. The subject census date is the date by which you can make changes to subjects without incurring a fee. Census dates are different for each subject. You can review census dates by checking the subject entry in the Handbook.

Can I withdraw from a subject I've enrolled in?

Yes, have access to your Study Plan throughout the year and can enrol and withdraw from subjects an any time, providing it is within the enrolment deadlines. Read our helpful FAQ on subject withdrawal for more information. You are required to enrol for each semester unless you have applied for a Leave of Absence.

International students have unique enrolment conditions that must be taken into account when planning your enrolment.