Exam dates and timetable - Section contents

Find out when and where your exams will be held and how to access your personal exam timetable.

Exam dates

You must plan to be in Melbourne during the entire examination period (including the special and supplementary period), as the exam timetable is subject to change.

(Semester 1, 2018)
Semester 1 exam timetable published via my.unimelbTuesday 8 May by 5.00pm
(previously published as Monday 7 May by 5.00pm)
SWOT Vac Monday 28 May – Friday 1 June
Semester 1 exam period Monday 4 June – Friday 22 June
Official results release date Friday 6 July
Semester 1 supplementary exam timetable published via my.unimelbMonday 9 July by 5.00pm
Special and supplementary exam period Thursday 12 July – Thursday 19 July
(Semester 2, 2018)
Semester 2 exam timetable published via my.unimelbMonday 1 October by 5.00pm
SWOT Vac Monday 22 October – Friday 26 October
Semester 2 exam period Monday 29 October – Friday 16 November
Official results release date Friday 30 November
Semester 2 supplementary exam timetable published via my.unimelbMonday 3 December by 5.00pm
Special and supplementary exam period Thursday 6 December – Thursday 13 December

Accessing your exam timetable

To check your personal exam timetable:

  1. Log into my.unimelb and navigate to the 'Exams & results' section
  2. Click 'View my exam timetable'
  3. Log in on the 'Exams Portal' webpage, using your unimelb username and password
  4. Your personal exam timetable and seat allocation will be displayed. If you are registered for Special Consideration for ongoing support, you can also view your Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEAs) via your timetable.
  5. Check if your subject has further assessment tasks such as take home, practical, oral or performance exams, via your subject in LMS or academic teaching staff.

If you are checking via the my.unimelb app, make sure you're using the latest version.

Having issues?

If you can't view your timetable, try searching for your individual subjects using the subject code.

If you're having problems logging into my.unimelb, visit the troubleshooting my.unimelb FAQ for helpful advice.

Understanding your exam timetable

Your timetable will include your seat number, time, duration, and venue of your exam.

Seat numbers

If you can’t see a seat number for one or more of your exams in your exam timetable, don’t worry! Seat numbers are released closer to the date of your exam – just keep checking your timetable. Seat numbers are also displayed on the day at the exam venue.

Exam venues

Be sure to plan ahead and know well in advanced how to get to your exam venue. If you are using public transport to get to your exam venue make sure you allow plenty of time. The venue for each of your exams is listed on your personal exam timetable. Read more on exam locations.

Exam reading time

Your exam reading time occurs before writing time, and is included in the official exam start time. It will be either be 15 or 30 minutes. Your personal exam timetable will state the allowable reading time for each subject.

Reading time allows you to familiarise yourself with the exam paper before the exam officially begins. Unless instructed otherwise, you're not allowed to write during reading time.

What should I do if I cannot sit my exam?

All students are required to attend their exams.

If you are too unwell to attend an exam, you may be eligible for Special Consideration if you apply within 4 working days of the exam. Please note medical documentation must be provided, and applications are not automatically approved. Read more about missing exams.

If you are awarded a special exam as an outcome of a special consideration application, you can either sit the exam or choose to decline it. Learn more about special exams.