What to bring to your exam - Section contents

If you have an exam coming up, it’s important to know what items you are permitted to take into the venue.

Bring your student card

You must have your student card at your exam. If you have lost your student card, you can bring acceptable photo ID and a hard copy of your Statement of Enrolment (available via my.unimelb ) as proof of your identity.

We recommend that you bring only small essential items with you to your exam. Bags are not permitted in the venues under any circumstances, you can only take your valuable items into the exam venue. You can store your bag in unsecure storage areas, which are available at each exam venue.

Items you can use during your exam

  • Something to write with, including pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, either loose or in a clear plastic bag. Liquid pens and correction tape can be used; however bottles of whiteout are not permitted.
  • Analogue and digital watches. Analogue watches are permitted on the table during your exam. Digital watches must be placed under your desk during your exam. No watches are permitted to be worn during your exam.
  • Mathematical instruments including stencils to draw shapes, protractors, either loose or in clear plastic bag. No pencil cases permitted.
  • Water in a clear bottle – no labels allowed.
  • Pharmaceutical medications
  • Valuable items (including wallets, passports, keys, mobile phones and laptops) are permitted but must remain under your desk and switched off throughout the entire exam.
  • Other items approved by the University under special examination requirements, such as ergonomic supports, heat packs, diabetes testing kits and technology customised to individual student needs (e.g. Braille note computer). Food can only be brought into the venue if required for medical reasons.

Open book exams

If you have an open book exam, your lecturer will advise what materials you can use during the exam. This information will also appear on the cover page of the exam.

You must keep large textbooks under your desk when they are not in use.

Items you can’t use during your exam

Unless otherwise authorised, i.e. advised by your subject coordinator and it is stated on the exam cover page, you can’t access the following during your exam:

  • Food (unless approved for medical purposes)
  • Drinks other than water. Coffee and energy drinks are not allowed. Water must be in a clear bottle (no labels are allowed).
  • Calculators (unless permitted, they must not be used during reading time). The University-approved calculator is the Casio FX82 (any suffix). No other models of calculators will be permitted unless otherwise specified on your exam paper.
  • Dictionaries (unless permitted, they must not be used during reading time)
  • Pencil cases
  • Notepads or loose sheets of paper
  • Textbooks or course notes
  • Diaries
  • Electronic devices, including mobile devices, music players, computers, iPads and smart watches, except the University-approved Casio FX82

Any materials that you bring into the exam venue that are not permitted according to the University’s Assessments and Results Policy must be placed under your desk before the start of the exam. Exam supervisors will confiscate unauthorised materials if it appears that you are using them improperly. Read more about what happens during an exam.

Lost property at exams

Personal property and student cards left at an exam will be held at the exam venue until the next business day. All items are returned to Parkville campus the following business day, and are available for collection from the following locations: