Exams - Section contents

Everything you need to know about your exams—when they’re happening, where they are, and how you can prepare for them.

Exam dates and timetable

Key dates for the exam period and how to view your personal exam timetable.

What to bring to your exam

A female student in an exam

Know what to bring to your exam, and where you can store your bag.

What happens during an exam

Step-by-step outline of what goes on exam day from when you first arrive to when you leave.

Exam venues and seating

Find out about your exam venue, available facilities and plan how to get there.

Exam study skills

Advice and resources for studying for your exams, including past exam papers.

Wellbeing during exams

Find advice, resources and support services to help you look after your physical and mental wellbeing during exams.

Alternative exam arrangements

Information on alternative exam arrangements, where you need changes to the conditions or format of an exam due to ongoing circumstances outside of your control.

Special and supplementary exams

Understand what special and supplementary exams are, and what to do if you are offered one.

Studying on campus

Spaces to study on campus, IT support and security escorts.