Booking graduation tickets and regalia - Section contents

Information about ticketing, guests, fees and regalia for your graduation ceremony.

How to book

Graduation Booking Service

You can use the Graduation Booking Service to:

  • book your graduation regalia (academic gown/dress)
  • book your two guest tickets
  • pay your graduation fee.

Graduation Booking Service opening dates

Graduation Round
(the month you have been invited to graduate)
Graduation Booking Service opens Deadline for requesting a regalia refund if unable to attend your ceremony
July Late June/Early July One month after ceremony date

Extra guest tickets

Each graduating student is allocated two guest tickets, which can be booked through the Graduation Booking Service. The cost for these tickets is included in your graduation fee.

You will be notified by email approximately two weeks before your scheduled ceremony date if extra guest tickets are available for purchase. Extra guest tickets will incur a cost of $21.

If you have not received an email about the availability of guest tickets, this means there are no additional guest tickets available for your ceremony. Guests who cannot attend the ceremony can watch a live video stream.

Collecting your regalia

You will collect your regalia on the day of your graduation ceremony. Please refer to your graduation day schedule for collection times and locations.

Please present your graduand ticket when you come to collect your regalia. The person gowning you on the day of your graduation will check to make sure that your gown and hat are the right size. Our graduation staff will also ensure that your regalia is positioned correctly before you walk across the stage.

Read more about your graduation gown

Returning your regalia

Regalia must be returned to the collection point within two hours after the conclusion of your ceremony.


All graduands attending a ceremony need to pay a graduation fee.

Graduation fee $221.00 Online via credit card only. You will receive an email when your ceremony fee is due. Includes:
  • 1 graduand ticket
  • 2 guest tickets
  • Official program booklet
  • Post-ceremony celebration
  • Use of a graduation gown, (also known as academic regalia)

If you require some assistance in paying your graduation fee, please submit an enquiry via ask.unimelb directed to the Graduations team outlining your circumstances at least seven days prior to your ceremony.

You must pay all fees or fines owed to the University before you can graduate. Find out more about how to how to pay outstanding fees and debts.

What happens to my graduation fee if I do not attend my graduation?

From time to time, graduands have genuine reasons why they cannot attend their graduation after paying their graduation fee. In most cases, fees can be transferred to another graduation season (within 12 months of your original graduation). In a handful of situations, graduation fees may be refunded. Please note that additional tickets are not refundable or transferable.

If you would like to transfer your graduation fee or apply for a refund, please contact the graduations team via email, quoting your name, student number and reason for non-attendance. For fee transfers, your proof of purchase must be retained and an alternate date booked with us. If you are applying for a refund, please also provide us with the details of your nominated bank account.