Overloading and Over-Enrolment - Section contents

If you wish to undertake more than a standard study load during any given semester, you must apply to overload. If you’re nearing the end of your course and need more credit points to fill the course requirements, you may be eligible to over-enrol.


Overloading refers to enrolment in 12.5 credit points over the standard semester full study load, (for example, completing 62.5 points instead of 50, or five standard subjects rather than the four). It is normally restricted to students who have consistently obtained good results. You may wish to overload one semester so that you don't have to undertake as many subjects the following semester.


You may apply to overload and take more than 50 points in a standard semester if you have met all of the following requirements within the previous six months of study:

  • Have successfully undertaken a full-time enrolment.
  • Received no fails.
  • Achieved an average of at least H2B (i.e. 70% or more) for all subjects attempted. The H2B requirement may be waived if an overload of 62.5 points will enable you to complete the requirements of your degree at the end of the relevant teaching period or year.
  • Have demonstrated that the subjects you are planning to take (in the case for overloading in Summer Semester) have been timetabled without clashes.

Applications for overloading will only be considered for the forthcoming semester after results have been finalised for the current semester.

If you were on leave of absence in the previous six months, consideration of your request will be based on your academic performance in the most recent six-month period of study.


If you want to take extra subjects that will take you beyond the maximum points for your course, this is called 'over-enrolling'. This is different to 'overloading', which is undertaking extra points in a specific study period.

Undergraduate students

If you wish to complete more than the maximum points required for your course, you can apply to over-enrol. The University will permit students to complete additional study beyond the usual number of credit points required for a course only where the student cannot meet the course requirements without completing additional study. In this case, commonwealth supported students will continue to study on a commonwealth-supported basis, and FEE-HELP students may continue on a deferred fee basis provided they have not exceeded their FEE-HELP limit.

Students may take other study through non-award programs such as Community Access Program (assessed mode only).

Honours programs

Over-enrolment in an honours degree program is not permitted. In exceptional circumstances and with support of the course coordinator, you may apply to undertake additional fourth year level subjects through the Community Access Program.

Graduate coursework students

Applications for additional subjects within coursework programs are rare. Stop 1 may approve one extra subject with the approval of your Course Coordinator, providing you have a good academic record and have sound academic reasons for the additional subject.

International students

If you're an international student you will only be permitted to over-enrol if it does not require an extension to your expected course duration or the issue of an amended Confirmation of Enrolment (COE).

How do I apply to overload or over-enrol?

If you are confident you meet the eligibility requirements to overload or over-enrol, you can apply via the Enrolment Variation Form. Students applying to over-enrol should also complete the request to over-enrol form explaining why they must study further subjects to meet the requirements of their course. The completed form should then be attached to an Enrolment Variation form. All applications are assessed on an individual basis.