myUniApps - Section contents

myUniApps provides easy online access to software packages. These include general productivity applications and applications that may be relevant to your course.

Any device, any time, anywhere

myUniApps gives students online access to a variety of applications hosted by the University. It can be accessed via any web browser on any web-enabled device, including iPhone, Mac, PC, iPad, Windows Phone, Linux, Android and more.

Using myUniApps for the first time

When starting the myUniApps for the first time, you will be asked to install Citrix Receiver if not already present on your computer. Just follow the instructions on screen. Visit the myUniApps FAQ for more detailed setup instructions.

Please be aware that the applications may take longer to load on their first use.


You can access files as normal and print to your own printer or a University print queue.

Connect to myUniApps

If you are having trouble with your login, please try resetting your password.

If you are having a difficulty with a session in myUniApps, please call 13 MELB (136352) or visit Student IT.

For issues with a particular application, please contact your course coordinator or visit Student IT.

These applications cannot be accessed via the ‘Apps’ tab. To access these applications:

  1. Click the ‘Desktops’ tab at the top of the page
  2. Click the ‘Start’ menu from within a Desktop,
  3. Select ‘All Programs’
  4. Select the required software icon

Important note for myUniApps users

Please save your work! Regular saving of your work is essential when using myUniApps applications. Unsaved work may be lost.

Your feedback is welcome!

Once you have started using myUniApps please complete the anonymous survey here.