Re-enrol in your course - Section contents

All students must re-enrol each year until their course is complete.

Re-enrolment for 2020

Re-enrolment is now open. If you are currently enrolled and wish to continue your course in 2020, you need to re-enrol.

Re-enrolment deadline

You must re-enrol in your 2020 subjects by 11.59pm on Wednesday 11 December 2019. If you don’t re-enrol before this deadline you will incur a $113 late re-enrolment fee.

Before you re-enrol

How to re-enrol

  • Step 1: Use the 2020 Handbook to view your course requirements and subject options. You can also use the MyTimetable planner to see if the subjects you’re interested in have class times that fit together.
  • Step 2: Log into your study plan and accept the Enrolment Declaration.
  • Step 3: Enrol in all of your subjects for 2020, and/or apply for a Leave of Absence if you plan to take a break from your course in 2020. Make sure that you complete your re-enrolment for both first half-year and second half-year (unless you are completing your course mid-year).
  • Step 4: Check that you have re-enrolled correctly. Log back into your study plan and check all your subjects for 2020 are marked as ‘Enrolled’ and not just ‘Planned’.

Graduate Researchers: Refer to the Graduate Research Hub for details on how to re-enrol.

Re-enrol now

If you are an international student visa holder, are planning on studying overseas next year or want to take a leave of absence from your studies, your enrolment process has extra steps. Find more information about how you can re-enrol in the More information on re-enrolling section below.

Why re-enrol now?

If you don’t enrol before 11 December 2019:

If you don't re-enrol before 13 January 2020, your course enrolment will be cancelled. You will need to apply to be reinstated to your course, and if approved, will need to pay a $282 reinstatement fee.

More information on re-enrolling

There are some situations where your re-enrolment process is different to the steps listed above. Specific information on these situations are listed below.

Subject enrolment

You will need to enrol in a full-time study load of 50 points in each half-year period in 2020. This usually requires you to enrol in four subjects per half year.

If you have applied to reduce your study load, you need to remain enrolled full-time until you have received an outcome on your application.

If you are in your final semester of study and have less than 50 points remaining, you do not need to apply for a reduced study load.

Leave of absence

Leave of absence requests have visa implications and must be accompanied by:

  1. a Leave of Absence Declaration Form
  2. supporting evidence (for compassionate or compelling circumstances)
  3. documentation (passport identification page and visa entitlements).

Learn more on how to apply for a leave of absence.

If you’re planning to study overseas as part of your course in 2020, you must re-enrol in subjects taught at the University of Melbourne until you have been enrolled in your placeholder subjects.

You are required to re-enrol, even if you have been accepted by the host institution. We recommend enrolling in the subjects you would be taking at the University of Melbourne as though you were unable to study overseas.

Find out more on the study overseas website.

I plan to take a break for the whole of 2020 and resume my course in 2021

Before Wednesday 11 December apply for a leave of absence* for all of 2020 (first and second half-year periods).

I plan to take a break for one half-year period in 2020

Before Wednesday 11 December:

  1. accept your Enrolment Declaration
  2. enrol in subjects for the semester you intend to study
  3. apply for a leave of absence* for the half-year period you will not be studying.

* International student visa holders must take extra steps when requesting a Leave of Absence, as there are visa implications. Requests must be accompanied by:

  1. a Leave of Absence Declaration Form
  2. supporting evidence (for compassionate or compelling circumstances)
  3. documentation (passport identification page and visa entitlements).

Learn more on how to apply for a leave of absence as a student visa holder.

If you will be continuing in both courses in 2020, you need to re-enrol separately for both courses.

If you wish to discontinue one course, submit a course withdrawal request for the relevant course and re-enrol in the course you wish to continue before Wednesday 11 December.

Before Wednesday 11 December:

  1. accept your Enrolment Declaration
  2. enrol in all the subjects you plan to study in the first half of 2020 (e.g. Semester 1)

I am completing my bachelor degree this year and starting my honours in 2020

You do not need to re-enrol. If you are accepted into honours, you will need to follow the instructions in your offer letter to enrol in that honours course.

I have applied to transfer to another course

  1. Re-enrol in your current course before Wednesday 11 December to ensure you retain your place and avoid the late re-enrolment fee.
  2. If your application to transfer is approved, you need to withdraw from your current course before the earliest subject census date. There are consequences if you don’t withdraw from your course in time.
  3. Enrol in your new course.


No, you don't need to wait, you can re-enrol before you receive your results. You should complete your re-enrolment before 11 December assuming you will pass all your subjects. You can then make changes to your enrolment as required once your results have been finalised.

If you enrol in a subject that depends on you passing a prerequisite subject, but then you fail that prerequisite subject, you will:

  • be withdrawn from that subject as you will not have met the prerequisite requirement
  • receive an email which will include instructions for what to do next.

No, you don’t need to re-enrol if you wish to discontinue studying. Submit a course withdrawal request before Wednesday 11 December to be withdrawn from your course.

You need to clear your debt before you are able to re-enrol. Pay your debt as soon as possible. You will be unable to enrol while you have outstanding fees owing to the University. Once the sanctions have cleared, ensure you re-enrol before Wednesday 11 December.

Check the subject fees page for information about student contribution amounts, census dates and EFTSL values for subjects you wish to enrol into. From mid-December you will be able to view your student invoice or Statement of Liability for summer subjects, and from mid-January for Semester 1, 2020 subjects. Find out more about fees due dates as they may vary.

The HELP limit is the maximum amount that a person can borrow under HELP over their lifetime. This limit excludes any loan fee. From 1 January 2020 onwards, new HECS-HELP borrowing will count towards the limit. Any previous HECS-HELP debts will not be included in the HELP loan limit. Previous FEE-HELP; VET-Help student loan debts will be carried over towards your HELP loan limit.

Please visit Study assist web site for more detailed information.

Support services to help you re-enrol

It’s important that you try to enrol in the right subjects the first time. Follow these steps to get help in making the right decisions for you:

  1. If you need assistance with re-enrolling, visit the online resources first:
  2. If you need more help finalising your 2020 subject choices, speak with a course adviser by booking an appointment.
  3. If you’d like to discuss your plans, goals and choices, book an appointment with a Student Connect adviser

Don’t miss important enrolment updates

Remember to check your student email at least twice a week even during University breaks or leave periods. Find out how to forward your University email to a personal account.