Step-by-step guide: Planning your timetable - Section contents

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Quick tip: There are many tools you can use to plan out your timetable. Using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets lets you visually map out your personal timetable. Remember to plan a few alternative timetables, just in case you miss out on a certain class!

Step 1: Open the web timetable

  • Open the web timetable to find all the scheduled and planned classes.

Step 2: Click the 'Subjects' button

  • Click the 'Subjects' button on the left-hand menu to search a specific subject timetable.

  • Enter your subject code or name in the search bar, then click the 'Search Subject'.

Step 4: Select your subject from the list

  • Click on your subject from the generated search list.
  • You can select multiple subjects using Command left-click (MAC) or CTRL left-click (PC).
  • You may also narrow your selection to department by using the 'Select Department' drop-down menu at the top of the form.

Step 5: Select your desired time periods and report type

  • Select the period(s) that you want to search for. For example, if you are planning your timetable for Semester 2, select Semester 2.
  • Select the time period that you want to search for. For example, select 'Full Day (7:00-23:30)" to view all available classes.
  • Select which layout you want to view the subject timetable results in.

Step 6: Click 'View Timetable'

  • Ensure that you have enabled pop-up browsers.

Step 7: View all classes for your subject

  • All the classes for your subject will appear on a subject timetable pop-up. Not all displayed classes will be available at the time of class registration opening.
  • Your lectures will appear in dark blue, while your other classes will appear in another colour (depending on the activity type).

Step 8: Click for more info

  • Clicking on a class will bring up more information on the time, location and dates.

Step 9: Search different calendar periods

  • Clicking on the grid icon on the top bar lets you search different periods on the calendar. This lets you search scheduled or planned classes throughout the year and help identify if some classes may only be for certain weeks.

Alternative method: Using the Handbook

You can also see all the planned classes for all your enrolled subjects by using the Handbook.

  • Search your subject code or name in the search bar.
  • Click 'Timetable' in the left-hand sidebar.