Step-by-step guide: Registering into classes and creating your personal timetable - Section contents

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Step 1: Login to

  • Click on ‘Student admin’ on the top bar
  • Click on ‘Timetable’
  • Click on ‘View my timetable and register in classes’.

Step 2: Begin registration

  • This is the first page in registering for your classes and creating your personal timetable.
  • Above your empty timetable, you will see your subject code and name, study requirements and registration status.
Screenshot of class registration landing page
  • You can expand each subject to find more details on your study requirements by clicking on the '+' button to the left of the subject code. Your subject requirements are the minimum contact hours required for your subject.
  • You will need to register into classes for each of these requirements.
  • Select 'More info' to view 'Activity Comments' for current information or updates on classes for the subject.
Screenshot of expanded subject, showing details of study requirements for that subject

Step 3: Click the 'Register' button

  • To register into classes for a subject, click on the ‘Register’ button for one of your subjects (e.g. COMP1001 Foundations of Computing).
  • Keep in mind that one class finishing at the same time that another class starts is not a clash.To allow for travel time between classes, teaching will start 5 minutes after scheduled start time and will end 5 minutes before scheduled end time.

Step 4: Select your lecture choice

  • The boxes are all the classes that you can register into. For some subjects, you may have multiple choices of lectures to select.
  • Hovering your mouse over a lecture will highlight your other choices for the same lecture.
Screenshot showing available class times for a specific subject
  • To select a lecture, click on its corresponding box. This will automatically change the colour of the box, and a plus sign will appear.
Screenshot showing where to click to select a lecture

Step 5: Unselecting a class

If you want to unselect a class, click on its corresponding box and a minus sign will automatically appear. Don’t worry if the box remains the same colour, you will still be able to select another class.

Step 6: Select a stream

  • Some classes may be delivered in streams, which means you will need to register for multiple classes together rather than individually. Each streamed class has a chain icon.
  • Hovering your mouse over a stream in the stream selection to the left of the timetable will highlight all the classes within the same stream.
Screenshot showing highlighted classes within the same stream
  • To select a stream, tick the stream on the lefthand sidebar. To unregister from a stream of classes you have registered into and saved, you may have to first deselect the stream from the sidebar, save, and then re-register for a new stream.
Screenshot showing stream selected with a tick in the lefthand sidebar

Step 7: Save your class registrations

  • Under your subject code and name, you can see your class registration is still unsaved. You must click the ‘Save’ button at the top or bottom to confirm your class registration.
  • Until your class options are saved, you have not yet registered into these classes. Given there may be many other students registering at the same time as you, classes may become unavailable by the time you have clicked ‘Save’ and you may need to choose another class option.
  • Once you have successfully registered into a class, it will note 'All Classes Registered.' You can still change your class registration at this point by using the 'Change' button.
Screenshot of a successfully registered class

Step 8: Register into your other classes

  • The process is the same when registering for your other subjects. The classes you have registered in already will appear greyed out to help you plan your timetable and avoid clashes. In some cases, classes do not run for all weeks in the study period. So you may need to check the timetable from week to week by using the 'Week Starting' feature on the tool bar to determine if the classes clash for all weeks.
Screenshot of a weekly timetable with all classes

Step 9: View your final timetable

  • Your registration status for each subject should say ‘All Classes Registered’.
  • Note that there are two modes that you can view your timetable in: weekly view and semester view.
    • Weekly view is useful if you have subjects with classes that don't run every week, for example a fortnightly seminar or tutorial. You can select which week you want to view your timetable for, and only the relevant subjects for that week will be displayed.
    • Semester view shows you every class you have registered for.