Summer Term - Section contents

The University offers a limited number of subjects through January and February as part of the Summer Term. These are often taught as intensive subjects and cover the same amount of content as subjects taught in standard semesters.

Summer Term subjects can be a great way to make up course points if you have failed a subject, had a reduced course load during the year, or if you would like to 'get ahead' and complete your course more quickly.

How do I find out if a subject is available in the Summer Term?

If a subject is available during the Summer Term, you can search for it using the University Handbook. Either search for your specific subject or select ‘Explore all subjects’ You may wish to refine your search by using filters on the left hand menu:

  • On the left hand filter select ‘subjects’
  • Under subject study period select the ‘Summer Term’ check box
  • The select ‘Update Results’

Please note: enrolment for Summer Term subjects opens when the Re-enrolment period opens for that year. They are also listed in the Handbook for the following Summer period when re-enrolment opens.

How can I enrol in Summer Term subjects?

You can enrol in Summer subjects as you would regular subjects, via your Study Plan in my.unimelb.

Note: Summer Term subjects are not compulsory.


You are only allowed to enrol in 25 points worth of Summer Term subjects before it is considered overloading. To apply to overload your subject enrolment, you will need to complete the Enrolment Variation Form.

Can I withdraw from a Summer Term subject?

Yes, you can withdraw from any subject you are enrolled in, however you will need to check the subject census date - the last date to withdraw without incurring financial liability.

To withdraw from a subject, login to my.unimelb, navigate to the Student admin tab, select Enrolment and click on the 'Withdraw from subjects' link.

Check the census dates!

Every subject offered at the University has a unique census date that can be found in the University Handbook. The census date is the last day to withdraw from a subject without financial liability.