Swapping subjects - Section contents

The swap subjects tool enables you to withdraw from one subject and enrol in another via your my.unimelb account.

You can use the tool to swap subjects online, provided it is before the last date to withdraw without fail deadline for the subject you are swapping out of, and before the last self-enrol date for the subject you are swapping into.

If you are swapping a subject after the census date the subject fee remains payable and it will appear on your transcript.

Do your research first: check the University Handbook for subject codes, prerequisites and census dates before you start, or see the table below for all key dates.

How to swap subjects

Step 1: Swap from existing subject

  1. Log into my.unimelb
  2. Select the Student admin tab
  3. Select the Go to my enrolment button
  4. Select Swap components to access the Swap tool
  5. You will see the list of subjects you are currently enrolled in.
  6. Select the subject you wish to withdraw from and click ‘Swap’
  7. You are now withdrawn from this subject.

Step 2: Swap into preferred subject

  1. Stay logged in to eStudent: you now need to choose a subject to swap into.
  2. A list of subjects you are eligible to swap into will be displayed.
  3. Select your preferred subject:
    1. from planned subjects available for enrolment, OR
    2. options and electives
  4. Check and then Save your changes.

Step 3: Confirmation

If you have completed the above steps correctly, your screen will display a confirmation that you have successfully withdrawn from your original course and enrolled in your new preferred course. Review your Study Plan to check the subject has been placed in the correct section.

What to be aware of before you swap subjects

  • Census date – Remember, if you withdraw after this date you will still have to pay the full fee for this subject and it will appear on your transcript. Always check the Handbook for the census date for your subjects.
  • Last date to withdraw without fail – You won’t be able to swap out of a subject after the last date to withdraw without fail.
  • Enrolment requirements – Are you withdrawing from a prerequisite or core subject? Check your enrolment requirements to make sure it does not affect your eligibility to graduate.
  • Leave of absence – Check the teaching dates of subjects you want to swap into to ensure that they do not overlap with the dates of your leave of absence.

How your fees will be affected

If you swap out of a subject before the census date for that subject, your fee liability for that subject will be cancelled.

If the new subject costs:

  • more than the old subject: you will need to pay the additional outstanding amount which you can check via your Statement of Liability. You can also check the Fee Account Statement which displays your fee charges for all enrolled subjects and received payments for a selected year.
  • less than the old subject: the difference will appear as a credit on your Fee Account Statement. This credit will be used to cover owing tuition fees for any other enrolled subjects. If you have no other fees due at the time of swapping subjects, you can either apply to have the money refunded to your personal bank account, or you can leave the credit in your student account to pay future tuition fees.

Subject key dates and withdrawal penalties

Depending on when you withdraw from your subject, there may be financial and academic penalties. For the specific dates related to each subject, check the subject entry in the Handbook.

Before the subject's census date
  • Subject is fully removed from your academic transcript
  • The subject fee is removed
  • You can still re-enrol yourself up until the subject's last date to self-enrol, or submit an Enrolment Variation form if you have Subject Coordinator approval after the last date to self-enrol has passed
After the subject's census date and before the subject's Last Date to Withdraw Without Fail
  • 'WD' (i.e. 'Withdrawn') will be recorded on your academic transcript
  • You cannot re-enrol (either by yourself or via an Enrolment Variation form) after withdrawing
  • You remain liable for the subject cost
After the subject's Last Date to Withdraw Without Fail
  • Withdrawal is no longer permitted
  • A grade/mark will be recorded on your academic transcript
  • You remain liable for the subject cost

More information on course enrolment

Course and subject resources

  • Faculty or graduate school resources for useful course information.
  • The University Handbook is your definitive source of course requirements and subject information.
  • Course maps can help you to map out your course subjects and ensure you are completing the correct subject combination for your major of choice.

Next step: create your timetable

Once you have enrolled in your subjects, you’re ready to create your timetable when class registration opens. Learn more about how to create your timetable.