Zoom and phone backgrounds

Phone backgrounds

Photograph of the System Garden tower for phone background  
System Garden
Photograph of Old Quad Garden and the Clock tower for phone background
Clock Tower
Photograph of a bench surrounded by green and floral trees at the Burnley Campus for phone background
Burnley campus
Photograph of the exterior of the Ian Potter Museum of Art for phone background
Ian Potter Museum of Art
Photo of a piano at the Hanson Dyer Hall Stage in the Ian Potter Southbank Centre room for phone background
Ian Potter Southbank Centre
Photograph of the exterior of the Arts West building for phone background
Arts West

An illustration of the Unimelb mascot Barry standing in front of the Old Quad entrance for phone background

Barry the Bear

Photograph of the interior of the Melbourne School of Design building for phone background

Melbourne School of Design

Photograph of a view of South Lawn from the inside of the Old Quad arches in winter for phone background

Old Quad

Photograph of the entrance to the Parkville Campus Underground carpark and South Lawn trees for phone background

Parkville car park