Cycling to unimelb

If you live within 5km from campus, riding is often faster than driving or using public transport.

Riding a bicycle is good for your health, great for the environment, saves you money and is a unique way to see the city. The University supports cycling by providing secure bicycle parking, repair stands and bike maintenance workshops.

Bike parking at Parkville

The University's Parkville campus is in a central location, with good access provided by multiple bike lanes.

There are over 2,100 bicycle parks available at the Parkville campus, 300 of which are in secure bicycle hubs. Hubs offer enclosed bicycle hoops, CCTV and access control to provide you protection and peace of mind.

Hub access is free for all University staff and students, but you will need to sign up to use them.

Make sure to indicate which secure bicycle hub you would like to use, as you can only have access to one hub.

Hubs are located at:

  • Alan Gilbert (enter via Haymarket Place, off Berkeley Street)
  • The Spot (198 Berkeley Street)
  • Royal Parade (inside the carpark under the Kenneth Myer building), and
  • Peter Hall (Monash Road).

Bicycle parking is available throughout the University, as indicated on this map.

Bicycle repairs

There are a number of bicycle repair stations on campus. Two are located at the Parkville campus, one is located at the Southbank VCA & MCM campus, and one is located at the Burnley campus.


  • Located outside the Sustainability Centre (Building 163), off Stationery Lane
  • Located at the Spot building, in the laneway between the Spot (110) & FBE (105) Buildings
  • There is also a bicycle shop located on Tin Alley at the Parkville Campus, next door to the Sports Centre, offering servicing and repairs.


Located in the main courtyard next to the cafe.


Located outside the Student amenities building (908).

Ride to Uni Breakfast

Four times a year, the University hosts a casual Ride to Uni breakfast. Staff and students who cycle to the Parkville campus are welcome to attend. The event usually includes free breakfast, coffee and bike engraving. You can find out more about the Ride to Uni breakfast through the UoM Bicycle Transport Officer Facebook page. Other Ride to Uni events are advertised on the Sustainable Campus Facebook page and website.

UMSU Bike Co-op

UMSU Environment Department host regular Bike Co-op workshops throughout the semester with a mechanic, volunteers, tools and some parts to help you learn how to fix your own bicycle. Check their facebook page for events listings for more information about the next session.