Indian alumni Q&A: Plan ahead for your internship/career

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Discover, Focus, Apply

Are you applying for internship/career opportunities in India? Or uncertain about how to navigate opportunities that are suitable for you in India? Bring your questions and ask our alumni at this Q&A session.

In this event, you’ll hear from two University of Melbourne alumni who will share their internship stories and current experiences working in India. Some of the topics we’ll be covering in this event include:

  • Valuable tips in overcoming uncertainty in career planning
  • How to gather experiences such as internships whilst studying
  • Other ways to build your employability
  • How to build professional relationships
  • Connecting with the Careers and Employability team for advice and support along the way


  • Pooja Davda earned her MIS from The University of Melbourne (UoM) in 2018 and her B.E from RVCE in India, 2016. She then went ahead and co-founded Zeropoint Robotics and has been working in the Industrial Robotics space ever since. The inspiration came from her father who has over 25 years of Entrepreneurial experience himself. During her time at UoM, Pooja actively engaged with professionals from various cultures and backgrounds by leveraging the free university resources. One of the highlights of her professional life in Melbourne was working with the kids at Code Camp. This combined her passion for teaching and her Tech background. When not working and networking, Pooja can be found creating paintings with some chill lo-fi music playing in the background.
  • Additional speaker to be announced

Understanding your career mapping phase:

This session supports students in the Discover, Focus and Apply phases of career mapping.

If you are a Discover student, you will gain insight into career planning and may begin to plan practical steps to build your career path.

If you are a Focus student, you will gain tips on how to apply for career opportunities and build your professional network. You’ll benefit from attending Careers in Asia Employer Presentations, where you will learn about the company’s recruitment requirements and make connections with employers.

If you are an Apply student, you will learn how to excel in the application process and to expand your professional network. We encourage you to attend Careers in Asia Employer Presentations to find out about the job opportunities available to you.