Disability support - Section contents

Student Equity and Disability Support assists students with an ongoing health condition to access the many and varied services and support offered at the University.

If you're experiencing ongoing difficulties, you are encouraged to register with Student Equity and Disability Support. Registration is voluntary, and you can register at any time during your degree. However, if you believe you will need assistance, it is recommended that you register as soon as possible.

Support and Services offered

Student Equity and Disability Support provide free services to eligible students to support academic success. Some of these services include:

An academic support worker

Academic support workers are casual staff employed by the University to provide a range of support that assists students, including note-taking scribe during exams, library assistance, participation assistance, and accessible format editing.

Assistive technology

Many of the libraries on campus have a range of assistive technology options available for you to use. Referral for use of these rooms must be made via Student Equity and Disability Support.

Accessible formatting

Student Equity and Disability Support can arrange the production of your course reading material inaccessible formats, such as Braille, audio and electronic text. It is recommended that you give six to eight weeks notice prior to semester if you will need this, so that the University can assist you in a timely manner.

Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEAs)

You may be eligible to organise an Alternative Exam Arrangement in order to lessen the disadvantage you may experience due to the impact of a health condition or impairment. AEAs can include additional writing and/or reading time, rest breaks, and alternate venues.

Contact Student Equity and Disability Support

Students are encouraged to contact Student Equity and Disability Support to ensure the best possible outcome.