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The University of Melbourne Student Impact offers the chance for you to get involved in philanthropy and make a real difference to the University community.

What is Student Impact?

We are a student-led committee whose aim is to raise awareness amongst our peers of the benefits we all receive from alumni philanthropy. By holding events, we provide opportunities for students to engage with this altruistic culture that exists within the University of Melbourne.

What is alumni philanthropy?

Every student who walks through the University’s gates is impacted by alumni philanthropy, whether you realise it or not. Former students get involved in a wide range of activities to better the University community and the student experience, including:

  • mentoring current students
  • donating funds to support student scholarships and financial assistance
  • enabling upgrades to facilities and technology.

To see alumni philanthropy in action, check out the Alumni impact page.

Our mission as the Student Impact team is to to keep this philanthropic spirit alive at the University of Melbourne, and ensure that those who come after us can continue to benefit from the generosity of alumni.

Upcoming events

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How can you get involved?

Being a part of Student Impact is a great way of contributing to the broader University community whilst developing valuable skills and connecting with like-minded individuals. You can join us by reading our newsletters and volunteering at our events.

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Become a committee member

If you are interested in driving the direction of Student Impact on campus, you might want to apply for a spot on our committee. Keep an eye out on the website and in our newsletters to learn more once applications open.