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The University of Melbourne Student Impact offers the chance for you to get involved in philanthropy and make a real difference to the University community.

Random Act of Kindness Day

Join the Student Impact crew on Thursday 10 October at the Parkville campus, where we will be celebrating the kindness shown to University of Melbourne students by the alumni community.

Throughout the day, our Impact Ambassadors will be spreading the word about philanthropy, performing an array of good deeds and running activities for you to enjoy.

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What is Student Impact?

Student Impact is a student-led initiative that aims to empower and inspire students through philanthropy. Highlighting the impact made possible by alumni and the University community, our mission is to keep the philanthropic spirit alive on campus and ensure that current and future students are given the opportunity to thrive.

What we do

Spread the word

Did you know that former students of the University positively impact our community and the student experience through mentoring students, donating to scholarships and research, and enabling upgrades to facilities and technology? Our aim is to create awareness of the generosity shown by alumni and to keep the altruistic culture alive on campus.

Encourage kindness

Inspired by the kindness shown by our alumni, we are dedicated to bringing kindness and joy to campus. Throughout the year, we focus on committing acts of kindness on campus, hoping to inspire our fellow students to join us!

Create change

Every student who walks through the University’s gates benefits from alumni philanthropy. We want to continue this positive impact, contributing to further opportunities for students and researchers on campus.

Previous events

Amazing Race (Winterfest 2018)

At Winterfest 2018, we hosted an Amazing Race for students to explore campus while learning more about the University and its philanthropic history. Everyone who completed the race also got their own mix of freebies and goodies!

Random Acts of Kindness Day

Our biggest event in 2018 was our Random Acts of Kindness Day. Students showed their appreciation to our alumni community while enjoying some delicious free treats and getting their own custom Student Impact notebook.

Become an Impact Ambassador

You can apply to become one of our Impact Ambassadors! We are looking for people with a broad range of skills to help the Student Impact Committee to organise and support the development of innovative activities and initiatives promoting a culture of philanthropy at the University of Melbourne.

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By joining, you will get to:

  • Meet interesting people
  • Learn about alumni philanthropy
  • Work closely with the Student Impact committee
  • Be the first to learn about upcoming events and activities
  • Spread kindness and positivity on campus
  • Develop skills by volunteering at events and coordinating activities
  • Make a real difference for your peers at the University
  • Gain volunteering hours counted towards the Leaders in Communities Award (LiCA)
  • Continue the philanthropic spirit for those that follow in your footsteps.

Become an Impact Ambassador

Want to make a positive impact on campus?  Want to be a changemaker?

As an Impact Ambassador you are given the opportunity to learn more about University philanthropy and how to engage with it as a student.

Throughout the year, our Impact Ambassadors will work closely with the Student Impact committee to create awareness of philanthropy among students. This could be by helping host activities at our events, speaking with your peers about philanthropy or by conducting random acts of kindness on campus.

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