Guaranteed entry - Section contents

Guaranteed entry is a pathway to graduate study for undergraduate students at the University of Melbourne.

What is guaranteed entry?

Guaranteed entry is a scheme in which current undergraduate students at the University of Melbourne may be guaranteed a place in a graduate course if they meet certain eligibility criteria. It can be a great way for students to have some certainty about graduate study options after graduation.


You must fulfill all the criteria below to be eligible for guaranteed entry:

  1. Completed an Australian Year 12 qualification or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in Australia;
  2. Enrolled in a University of Melbourne course directly after obtaining an ATAR (or notional ATAR) or obtained approved deferral; and
  3. Meet the entry requirements and prerequisites for the particular graduate course you want to study.

If you transferred from another university or did not obtain an Australian Year 12 or IB qualification in Australia, you are not eligible for guaranteed entry. However you can still apply and be considered for a range of graduate courses through the standard graduate admissions process. To find out more, visit Course Search.

Entry requirements for graduate courses

The entry requirements vary between courses but may include:

  • Minimum ATAR (or notional ATAR)
  • Minumum Weighted Average Mark (WAM)
  • Prerequisite subjects
  • Other entry requirements (e.g. submission of personal statement, satisfactory completion of an interview, sitting of an aptitude test).

To find out what graduate courses are right for you and whether you are eligible for guaranteed entry, explore your graduate study options.


When you apply for a graduate professional entry course, you will be able to indicate on the application form that you are eligible for guaranteed entry.

Please note that if you are eligible for guaranteed entry to an Australian fee place in the graduate course, you can still request to be considered with the rest of the applicant pool for a Commonwealth supported place. For some courses this will mean that you must complete the standard entry requirements of the course (e.g. admission tests, personal statements etc.) to be eligible for a Commonwealth supported place, even though the entry requirements may not be necessary for guaranteed entry into an Australian fee place. For more details about how and when to apply for individual courses please visit Course Search.

Note: The usual application deadlines apply for all applicants, including those eligible for guaranteed entry.

You can still apply for a graduate professional entry degree at the University of Melbourne once you've completed your undergraduate degree, even if you don’t meet the ATAR requirement to receive a guaranteed place. In fact, most students will apply for our graduate professional entry courses after meeting the standard course requirements, and selection will be based on their performance in their undergraduate study (and any other criteria required such as personal statements, admissions tests etc.), not on their ATAR.

You are not eligible for our guaranteed entry pathways. You must have commenced an undergraduate University of Melbourne course immediately after Year 12, or after an approved deferral (i.e. without any other tertiary study in between).

As long as the first course after Year 12 was a University of Melbourne undergraduate degree and course changes have occurred only among University of Melbourne courses, you will still be eligible for the guaranteed entry pathways.

The weighted average mark (WAM) is the average mark you achieve across your degree, taking into account the credit point value of the subjects you’ve completed. Further details about how it's calculated can be found on our WAM calculation page.

The guaranteed entry pathways can apply to a student enrolled in any University of Melbourne undergraduate degree. However not all undergraduate courses will enable you to meet the entry requirements - such as a specified major - of the specific graduate professional entry course.

The guaranteed entry pathways are only applicable to students who have commenced at the University in, or since, 2008. Students who began studying before 2008 are still able to apply for a graduate professional entry degree, but will not be considered under the guaranteed entry pathway policy, regardless of their ATAR/ENTER.

The standard deferral policy will apply. For guaranteed entry pathways that include an ATAR requirement, you will be eligible as long as you either enrol or are approved to defer your offer in the intake immediately following the completion of Year 12.

Special consideration will not apply for either the ATAR requirement or the GPA requirement of our guaranteed entry pathways.

Applicants who believe circumstances may have impacted their undergraduate studies should consider applying for Graduate Access Melbourne so that the details can be considered as part of the standard application process.

For Year 12 applicants, this means that the ATAR (or notional ATAR) used in determining eligibility for a guaranteed entry pathway is the original rank calculated by the relevant Tertiary Admissions Centre in the applicant's home state or territory, according to the accepted methodology in that state or territory. Any adjustments made to this ATAR for the purposes of undergraduate selection (such as bonuses or points applied) will not be recognised for the purpose of determining eligibility for a guaranteed entry pathway at the University of Melbourne.

Only study that is related to the bachelors degree (including any credits that may be cross-credited with the concurrent diploma) will be included in the GPA calculation for the guaranteed entry pathways.

You will still be eligible for guaranteed entry to a graduate professional entry degree if you complete an honours year at the University of Melbourne within the 18 months allowed between your bachelors degree and the graduate professional entry degree (see next FAQ for more details).

You have up to 18 months following the completion of your undergraduate study at the University of Melbourne to commence your graduate professional entry degree, as long as no other graduate study is undertaken during this time (except honours, as outlined above).

Note that 18 months is the maximum time that you can take and still maintain eligibility for the guaranteed pathway. It is your responsibility to check the application dates for the graduate course you are interested in and ensure you apply in time to commence the graduate degree within the 18 months.

After 18 months, or if further study has been undertaken, entry to the graduate professional entry degree is no longer guaranteed, and your application will be considered as part of the general applicant pool.

Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship

Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarships are offered to domestic applicants with an ATAR or equivalent of 99.90 or above. They provide a tuition fee-exempt Commonwealth Supported Place, valued up to approximately $30,500 and a $15,000 allowance ($30,000 for interstate students) over the normal duration of an undergraduate degree (excluding honours). Interstate Year 12 and IB students also receive one return flight home during their degree.

For more details about the Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship, refer to the Scholarships website.

Melbourne Global Scholars Award

Students who achieve an ATAR of 98.00 or above and maintain a weighted average of at least 65% in their undergraduate studies can receive a one-off payment of up to $2,500 to study at one of our partner institutions in 37 countries across the world on exchange, or in an approved study abroad program.

Further details and conditions are available on our study overseas scholarships page.