Step 3: Accept your offer - Section contents

Once you've set up your student account, you can accept your offer and complete your enrolment online.

Information you will need

To accept your offer and complete your administrative enrolment, you will need:

  • Your offer letter.
  • Your student ID number. This can be found on your offer letter.
  • Tax File Number. If you wish to apply for fee assistance from the Australian Government (HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP , SA-HELP) you will need to provide your Tax File Number (TFN).
  • Emergency contact details.
  • Proof of citizenship. The Federal Government requires that you provide proof of your citizenship. This can be done using one of the following:
    • Australian citizens:
      • Australian birth certificate
      • Australian passport
      • Certificate of Australian Citizenship
      • Certificate of Citizenship by Descent or Confirmation of Aboriginality
    • New Zealand citizens:
      • New Zealand passport
      • New Zealand birth certificate
    • Australian permanent residents:
      • Passport with Australian permanent resident visa

Accept your offer

Don't have a Tax File Number?

You can still accept your offer without a TFN by completing the Request for Commonwealth Support form. For more information on applying for a TFN and fee assistance visit our FAQ.