Step 5: Enrol in your subjects - Section contents

Once you have decided on which subjects you would like to take, you will need to enrol in them online.

The Enrolment Lapse Date is the last date by which you must enrol in your course (degree) including subjects. This date is outlined in your offer letter.

Enrol in your subjects online

When enrolling into subjects for the first time, you will need to enrol in subjects for the first year of your course.

You can enrol in your subject using the Study Plan. Your Study Plan will show the major, minor, specialisation, and subject options available for you to choose from.

Enrol in your subjects

Check the census dates for each subject

The subject census date is the date by which you can make changes to subjects without remaining liable to pay for them. Census dates are different for each subject.

After you’ve enrolled in your subjects, check your subject census dates and payment due dates via your Statement of Liability, which can be accessed through your my.unimelb account.

If you want to withdraw from a subject, you must withdraw by the census date. If you withdraw after the census date you will still be required to pay for the subject.

You can also review census dates by checking the subject entry in the Handbook.

Subject prerequisites

Some subjects may have prerequisites. This means that they have a ‘prior study’ condition attached to them. For each subject that you plan to take, check that you have already met (or you are on track to meeting) its prerequisites so that you can enrol in them.

What is a Study Plan?

Your Study Plan is the online tool that structures your course. You can manage your enrolment by planning, enrolling and changing subjects in your Study Plan. It will show your major, minor, specialisation, and subject options available for you to choose from.

For more information, see our Study Plan FAQ.

Need help?

Find out how you can access course planning and enrolment assistance at Stop 1.


An invoice will be issued before each payment due date. You will be notified via email to your University email account when your invoice is ready for viewing. It’s important to check your University email account regularly.

More information about fees, invoices and the Statement of Liability is available on our fees page.


Eligible Australian fee-paying students intending to apply for FEE-HELP must do so by their first subject census date or payment due date (whichever is earlier).

If you apply after a subject census date, you will be required to pay the University up-front for that subject.