Step 4: Plan your course - Section contents

Choosing the right subjects allows you to make the most of your course and your university experience. Use our resources to plan your course so you’ll be ready to enrol in your subjects.

Understand your course structure and plan your subjects

Each course has a specific structure and set of requirements which must be met in order to be eligible to graduate.

Check your prerequisites

Prerequisites are subjects or other requirements that must be successfully completed before you can enrol in a subsequent, more advanced subject. Prerequisites ensure that all students who enrol in a subject have sufficient background knowledge to cope with the subject content.

Advanced standing (credit for prior learning)

If you have completed prior tertiary study, you may be eligible for advanced standing towards a new course. Advanced standing may be granted as:

  • Exempt subjects (for equivalent subjects completed at another institution)
  • Credited subjects (for subjects completed in another University of Melbourne course)
  • General advanced standing (for unspecified credit).

Find out how to apply for advanced standing.

Need help?

If you need further assistance with planning your course and subjects you can book a 15-minute appointment to speak with a course adviser. Find out more.

Get to know Uni speak

As a new student, you may not be familiar with all the terminology used at the University, especially if you’re coming from interstate or overseas. Our University glossary page will help you navigate your course, understand requirements and settle into your studies.

I've planned my course. What's next?