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At the beginning of each semester, your tutors will supply you with a list of required reading to supplement the information you receive during lecturers and tutorials.

These may be a single textbook, multiple texts such as articles and book chapters, or a mixture of both.

Find your textbooks

  • Places to buy textbooks include the University Coop Bookshop and other bookstores.
  • The Unimelb Adventures website has a Where can I buy textbooks second-hand? section as well as other useful information.
  • The University of Melbourne Library has all your textbooks, however most will only be available for short-term loan (two hours or overnight) and they are in high demand. Search the Library Catalogue online.
  • You can also borrow from other libraries through the BONUS and CAVAL library schemes.

Tip: Always make sure you purchase the edition specified by your lecturer.

Find your class readings

  • Articles and class readings may have already been placed online for you via Readings Online. Log into your LMS subject to see if Readings Online is listed.
  • The University of Melbourne Library has a wide range of online articles. Search for your items through the Discovery search box at the top of the library homepage

Remember: Don’t panic if you can’t find the textbook or article you need. Talk to a librarian or ask your tutor or lecturer for help. The Library even has an online chat service so you can ask questions when you are off campus.