Step 10: Complete Consent Matters - Section contents

Understanding what the University expects from you, and what you can expect from the University, will help you get the most out of your time here.

As part of your enrolment, you need to complete the Consent Matters e-learning course and pass the quiz. This course gives you important information about how the University expects you to conduct yourself in your relationships with others and where to find support services.

We have a diverse and inclusive community at Melbourne and we want you to be an active part of it.

Accessing Consent Matters

The Consent Matters course can be accessed via our Learning Management System (LMS).

At the start of your degree you will be enrolled automatically into the Consent Matters community in the LMS, however this may take up to 36 hours after you have enrolled in your first subject.

You will receive an email via your University email account letting you know when you can access the community and the Consent Matters course.

To complete the module, you will need to:

I've completed the Consent Matters module. What's next?