Step 5: Set up multifactor authentication

Download and set up Okta Verify on your mobile device. Then start exploring the go-to platforms that you’ll use throughout your degree.

Set up multifactor authentication with Okta Verify

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is an additional security step which verifies your identity when you log in to University of Melbourne platforms and systems. This extra layer of security protects your account from unauthorised access.

Download and set up Okta Verify

If you’re having trouble setting up Okta Verify, Student IT can help.

Get to know my.unimelb

Once you’ve set up multifactor authentication, you can start exploring key University platforms like my.unimelb.

my.unimelb is your personalised student portal and the gateway to your library, student administration, learning management system (LMS), email, notices and announcements and other student services.

By logging into my.unimelb you can:

  • View your timetable, and exams timetable (during exam periods)
  • Manage your subject enrolment via your Study Plan
  • View your fees and their due dates by accessing your Statement of Liability or Student Invoice
  • View any recent results published
  • Access your study material, communities, class notes, slides, and readings through the LMS
  • Check your University emails (you must do this at least twice a week)
  • View and manage upcoming Melbourne Peer Mentor Program or Academic Advising sessions
  • View and renew your borrowing of library books
  • View campus maps
  • Read notices and announcements from the University to stay connected. These include official University notifications, events, opportunities, and more.

Explore my.unimelb

If you can't access my.unimelb, check the my.unimelb troubleshooting guide.

I've set up multifactor authentication. What's next?

Step 6: Complete your administrative enrolment