The Orientation Challenge

4 students. 4 days. 4 eva.

Sign up, meet your team and complete daily missions!

Want to form connections with other University students? Try the Orientation Challenge! It’s fun, it’s free and it’s fast friendships waiting to happen!

You’ll be part of a team of four students, and each of you will complete a series of missions during Orientation week.

Attend a virtual Challenge mixer, join the game, and complete team missions that are easy and fun! Once you complete all four missions, you’ll be a Challenge finisher and can join our virtual finishers party in Week 2, to celebrate with the other teams.

How it works

Each mission should take about 15 minutes (though you can spend longer on it if you like). If you’re an undergraduate, you’ll be teamed up with other undergraduates. Graduate students will be teamed up with other graduates.

The kinds of missions you might receive are:

  • Complete the virtual Unimelb Amazing Race
  • Find hidden buildings shown in photographs.

How to sign up

  • I’m signing up by myself

    Amazing! You’ll have a university crew before you know it! Most of our challengers sign up as individuals.

    If you sign up as an individual you need to attend a virtual mixer event, where we'll allocate you into a team. Mixers will be scheduled through Zoom at the beginning of Melbourne Orientation week. As part of your registration, you will need to pick a date and time to attend a virtual mixer event. Your team challenge will begin on the day you meet your teammates!

  • I’m signing up with some friends, but not a whole team

    No problem! You and your friends will need to attend a virtual mixer event together and you will be allocated to the same team. These mixers are held at the beginning of Melbourne Orientation week, and will happen through Zoom. The Challenge will begin on the day you attend your mixer and meet the rest of your teammates!

  • I’m signing up with a team of four

    Have a team of four? Great! Attend the same virtual mixer event and we'll set you up as a team. If you want to make new friends on the day we can split you into different groups as well!

Challenge mixers

  • Undergraduate mixers

    All Orientation Challenge mixers will take place over Zoom.

    Monday 27 July1-2pmRegister
    Monday 27 July6-7pmRegister
    Tuesday 28 July3-4pmRegister
  • Graduate mixers

    All Orientation Challenge mixers will take place over Zoom.

    Monday 27 July12-1pmRegister
    Monday 27 July5-6pmRegister
    Tuesday 28 July2-3pmRegister
Four students completing an Orientation Challenge task via Zoom.
Four students completing an Orientation Challenge task via Zoom.

Celebrate with us!

In week 2 of semester there will be a virtual celebration specifically for Challenge finishers.

At the event you’ll be able to celebrate completing all the missions, and you’ll also have an opportunity to meet others and learn even more about the University.

More information on the celebration event will be sent to Challenge finishers once semester has started.


  • What kinds of missions are there?

    The kinds of missions will vary, but could include attending a virtual event, completing an online quiz, taking a Zoom selfie, and everything in between!

  • What do I need to complete the missions?

    All your team needs to complete the missions is a smart phone and an internet connection.

  • When does the Challenge start?

    The Challenge starts on the day you attend the virtual mixer and meet your teammates. Virtual mixers will run on Monday 27 July and Tuesday 28 July.

  • How long does the Challenge take?

    You have all of Orientation week to complete your team missions. You don't need to complete your missions on consecutive days, as long as you complete them by the end of the week you can be a Challenge finisher.

  • What if I miss a mission?

    You can catch up! Just complete your mission on the next day.

  • I can’t contact my group member!

    Try to swap contact information or add each other on social media when you sign up as a team, that way it’s easy to get in touch with each other. Otherwise, give them some time – Orientation is a really busy period. If they are unable to keep playing, don’t take it personally. Complete the missions with the rest of the group (or by yourself!) and you’ll still qualify to be a finisher.

  • Can I be part of multiple groups?

    No. You can only be part of one challenge team.

  • I won’t be able to meet my group on all days. Can I still participate?

    Sure, as long as your group mates are happy with this. You can stay in touch online, or catch up on your missions later.

  • What if I want to quit?

    That makes us sad, but hey, no hard feelings. If you have a few minutes, please send us an email at letting us know why you chose not to finish the challenge. Your feedback is really helpful in developing next year’s challenge.

  • Your rights

    Your data is protected by the University’s privacy policy. You retain ultimate control over your information.

    The information submitted and gathered during this quest will only be used to:

    • Achieve the objectives of the quest
    • Fulfill the game play
    • Confirm adherence to challenge rules
    • Report on challenge participation, and
    • Gather information on forming meaningful connections.


Shoot us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.