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Your opportunity to shape the student experience.

Share your idea

Do you have an innovative idea to improve The University of Melbourne student experience?

Have you got a solution to a current campus challenge that could make a difference to the University community?

The Melbourne Ideas competition invites current University of Melbourne students to tap into their innovation and entrepreneurial skills and make it happen.

Why enter?

If your idea is shortlisted you’ll be invited to a series of workshops designed to help finesse your idea and potentially turn it into a reality. Some of the workshops include:

  • coaching to develop your idea
  • presentation training
  • pitch training workshops
  • customer value proposition development
  • idea incubators

There are great prizes to be won including the opportunity to receive funding and support to help your idea come to fruition.

Other benefits for taking part in Melbourne Ideas include:

  • build public speaking confidence
  • network with students and the wider university community
  • turning your idea into reality: from concept to implementation to realisation
  • building your profile and improving your CV

“Melbourne Ideas is a great platform for us [students] to give ideas about inclusive communities–making us think hard about those who aren’t being included in the student experience.”
- My Nguyen (2017 Winner)

How to enter

The Melbourne Ideas competition will not be running in Semester 2, 2019 as we are undertaking a review of the program. Check back in 2020 for more details.

In the meantime, if you have a great idea, check out the Unimelb Startup competition.

Need inspiration? See below for a range of themes to get you started:

Building employability

There are so many ways to make yourself more employable. But you still must be able to articulate what you’ve achieved to future employers.

Think: how to shape studies to match future careers; how to interpret and reflect on learnings; how to translate experiences into soft skills

Student Services – get what you need

Help is available to those who seek it. But what do students need and how can these services be improved?

Think: health, academic support, course planning, research etc.

Know what’s going on

There’s so much going on around campus, but how do students find out about it?

Think: communication channels, spreading the word and connecting students to what’s going on.

My campus space

Study spaces, hang out spaces, lunch spaces – where do you go on campus if you’re not in class?

Think: physical spaces on campus and how they can be improved.

What’s your idea?

Got an idea that doesn’t fit the above themes? Be our guest!

2017 winners (L-R) Daniel Porteous, Andrea Byfuglien, My Hoa Nguyen and Gregory White with Allan Tait, Chief Financial Officer, University of Melbourne with their winning app project, BuddyUp.

“It’s been amazing to have been part of this whole process, from putting up a draft idea to being selected as the winner and standing here tonight. It’s definitely contributed to my student experience and I would encourage everyone to be a part of this.”
- Andrea Byfuglien (2017 Winner)

Have questions?

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