Exam study skills - Section contents

Tips, workshops and past exams to help you feel confident to achieve your best during final assessments.

Manage your time

Learn to manage your time

Make a revision plan and keep on task with time management strategies and templates.

Use the Academic Skills Hub

Improve your study and exam skills in your own time with our online LMS Modules

Access past exam papers

Test your revision and get used to the exam format by practicing on papers from previous years.

Avoid procrastination

Practical changes you can make to your environment, attitude and emotions to help you focus and accomplish your tasks without delay.

Visit a Study and Learning Drop-In

Our Study and Learning Drop-in sessions are a central point for you to get academic help in all areas. Study and Learning Drop-in sessions provide you with staff and peer support for everything from acing Maths and Stats, to refining your academic writing, and improving your library research skills.

Use the library services

Learn how to use Discovery to find scholarly journal articles online, print and scan at the library, and easily manage your references.

Overcome a mental block

Identify the possible causes and ways to address writer’s block.

Work smarter, not harder

Four tips to learn in ways that complement your natural abilities to study more efficiently.

Cite your references

Follow these guides to correctly reference, cite and acknowledge the research in your academic writing.