Arts and Cultural Building

The Arts and Cultural Building is a vibrant cultural hub and the new home to our iconic Union and Guild Theatres.

University of Melbourne Arts & Cultural Building

Situated on the lands of the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung people, the building promotes connectedness through arts, culture and music.

The building has been created with students, for students - over 20,000 staff and students contributed their ideas, views and expertise towards its planning and fruition!

Experience the inclusive and welcoming Arts and Cultural Building today: from performances and exhibitions to study spaces and landscaped balconies, the building offers something for everyone.


Arts and Cultural Building
Building 159, Monash Road
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Monday - Wednesday: 8am - 9pm (AEST)

Thursday - Friday: 8am - 11pm (AEST)

Saturday: 11am - 11pm (AEST)

Sunday: 11am - 5pm (AEST)

Performing Arts

The Union Theatre is a state of the art 398-seat proscenium arch theatre with an orchestra pit, automated flying system, industry standard audio and lighting production capacity suitable for a wide range professional theatre presentations, concerts and events.

The Guild Theatre is a 102-seat ‘black box’ theatre, offering a flexible performance space with retractable seating, industry standard audio and lighting systems suitable for a variety of theatre productions, workshops and events.

Students can also access other performance-related facilities including two fully equipped rehearsal spaces, a theatre workshop for stage and prop production and development, multiple dressing rooms, and a theatre bar and box office operating during show times.

Are you a student interested in getting involved in theatre on campus? To find out what’s on and to get involved visit UMSU’s Union House Theatre.

Arts & Cultural Building Theatre Space
Arts & Cultural Building Arts Lab

Visual Arts

UMSU’s George Paton Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that encourages experimental, collaborative and pedagogical approaches to contemporary art. Students from all disciplines are invited to take part in the gallery’s annual program of exhibitions and events.  To find out more about the exhibition program, mentorship, support and opportunities as a student artist or curator visit the UMSU page.

A large workshop space equipped with long tables, easels and a wide range of art supplies, the UMSU Arts Lab is open to all! Retreat into the warm, arty space solo or with your friends to get creative and escape the hustle of uni life. Arts Lab is also home to immersive and creative workshops run by a diverse range of artists and makers.

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Inclusive spaces

Through a considered design process, the spaces created in the building are accessible and inclusive to all.  Key features of the Arts and Cultural building include:

  • Provision of equal access to dressing rooms, stage, orchestra pit, control room, crying room, and all sound-mix positions in both the Union and Guild Theatres;
  • Wheelchair access via elevators and shorter ‘jump lifts’ throughout spaces and theatres;
  • Accessible bathrooms in dressing rooms;
  • Visual cue light system to dressing rooms and green room for performers who are deaf or hard of hearing
Arts & Cultural Building Carpet
Arts & Cultural Building Outside Space


The Arts and Cultural Building is on track to receive a 6-Star Green Star building accreditation, championing sustainability in all aspects of University life, from food and landscapes to energy consumption and campus operations.

Key sustainability features include:

  • Below the building are three water tanks, with a collective capacity of nearly 400KL capturing rainwater from the roof. This water is used to flush toilets, irrigate plants, cool the buildings air conditioning system, and kept in reserve for fire protection purposes.
  • Our eateries operate without single-use plastic, aligned to the University’s commitment to sustainability and reduced environmental impacts.

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Where to eat

Whether you’re keen on a quick bite or a dine-in meal, the Arts and Cultural Building has a range of options to choose from. Check out the places opening their doors in the coming weeks.

  • COSMOS by ST. Ali

    A new venture from ST.ALi promises pizzas to perfection.

  • ST. ALi Coffee

    Melbourne born and bred, ST. ALi roast their ethically and sustainably sourced coffee in-house with expert coffee brewing and food offerings.

  • Gong cha

    The bubble tea masters. Offering freshly prepared bubble tea, Gong cha is the fastest growing tea brand in Asia with over 1500 stores worldwide.

  • Campus General Store

    Your one-stop shop. Offering grab-and-go food and drinks, ready-to-heat meals, stationery, everyday items and even dry-cleaning services.