Information for peer mentors

Congratulations on becoming a peer mentor! Find out next steps, how to access peer mentor resources and where to find help.

The peer mentor checklist

1.  Complete the training and online module

  • Attend mentor training: We hope that applying to be a peer mentor means that you want to help create the best experience for new students that you can. To make sure you have the knowledge and skills to be a great Mentor, you are expected to participate in training before your meeting and ongoing development throughout semester. This is designed to support you and looks great on your CV! Your faculty Student Life team will reach out to you with further information regarding training options.
  • Complete the online module: Before you start mentoring, you must complete a 30-minute online module on Canvas to continue as a peer mentor. The online module will contain important information about the program and what is expected from you as a peer mentor. Your faculty Student Life team will provide you with more information about this module as part of the training program

    2. Log into your Peer mentoring page

    The Peer mentoring page in my.unimelb is your key destination to find all your group and session details! Once you've been assigned a group, chat with your group members from the 'My Group' tab. Find this page by logging into my.unimelb, clicking on 'Advising and mentoring' in the menu, then selecting the 'Peer mentoring' drop-down option. This page will also include information regarding the dates and times of your mentoring sessions.

    3. Read the mentor resources in Canvas Community

    It is mandatory for peer mentors to have read the Code of Conduct and Mentor Guide carefully. These resources will provide crucial information on how you can support new students, foster a respectful university environment and get the most out of the program.

    These resources are available on the Melbourne Peer Mentor Program Community on Canvas. If you don’t have access, or are having trouble finding the resources, please reach out to your Student Life team via the link on your peer mentoring 'My Group' page in my.unimelb.

    4. Complete timetabling for your sessions

    Sessions will be scheduled in MyTimetable at times that are convenient for your group, based on your University timetables. To create a schedule that fits around your classes:

    1. Log into MyTimetable
    2. Find the Peer Mentoring option MPMP00301 under the Enrolment section
    3. Select your preferred meeting days and times during the preference entry period. For detailed instructions, visit the preference entry page. (Note that the preference entry period for your MPMP subject may differ from standard preference periods. Please keep an eye on your emails for more information).
    4. If you miss the preference entry deadline, you will be allocated into a mentor group that fits in with your class schedule. You will be notified via email when this happens.

    You may notice that the Melbourne Peer Mentor Program also appears in your Study Plan. This is just a way for mentor meetings to be scheduled in MyTimetable. The Melbourne Peer Mentor Program is not a subject – you don’t get credit for it, there is no tuition fee, you do not get assessed, and it will not appear on your transcript.

    5. Prepare for your meetings

    Training is just the beginning! Once you've started mentoring your group of mentees, you will find that you have more questions, want ideas on how to engage them, and want to share your tips for a great first year! There will be more support and development throughout semester designed to build your skills so that your mentees keep coming back. Make sure you check Canvas for more information on these opportunities as they become available to you throughout semester!

    6.  Have fun with your group!

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to complete all the training?

    To become a peer mentor, you are required to complete the necessary training. This includes a two-hour face-to-face training (online or in-person), a 30-minute online module (via Canvas) and some self-directed reading.

  • How do I contact my assigned group?

    You can see your assigned group and chat with them through the 'My Group' tab of the my.unimelb Peer mentoring page.

  • Who can I go to for support?

    If you have any questions about the Melbourne Peer Mentor Program or require further support, please follow these steps:

    • Review peer mentor resources on Canvas.
    • Seek advice through the Melbourne Peer Mentor Program Canvas Community on Canvas.
    • Contact your faculty Student Life team via the link on your 'My Group' tab of the my.unimelb Peer mentoring page.