Eastern Resource Centre (ERC) Library

All levels of the Eastern Resource Centre (ERC) Library will be extensively redeveloped as part of the New Student Precinct works, delivering a library, formal and informal study spaces, bookable and collaborative spaces, food and retail, a digital hub and a scholarly commons.

The new entry into the ERC Library will continue from the Welcome Ground southern landscape of the Precinct, providing a ground-level 'Learning Landscape' directly accessible from the south. The Learning Landscape will incorporate dynamic informal study space terraces which lead outside to the Amphitheatre landscape at the heart of the Precinct.

Connecting from Swanston Street through to Porters Lane in the west, this exciting arcade entry will be activated by small food offerings, and will connect through to new laneways along the Frank Tate Building and between the ERC and the Doug McDonell Buildings. On the lower ground level, a new Geospatial Centre will provide exciting study spaces and easy access to digital resources, co-located with the library’s maps collection.

A new Library Services area will be introduced on level one, with two adjustable service pods to provide students with side-by-side access to library staff. Adjacent to the Library Services area, the first of three Technology Halls spread across the upper levels of the library will boast four touch-screen tables docked to large LCD screens to accommodate up to twenty students at a time for group-based training activities.

Round me view of the ERC ground level