The New Student Precinct is a landscape-driven project, creating a new terrain linking the Precinct with the broader campus from Grattan and Swanston Streets to beyond.

As an exemplary sustainable landscape including rare and indigenous plants, several types of greening will be used in the Precinct to create a healthier and more accommodating social setting for everyday student life on campus.

The Precinct landscape will reveal indigenous terrain and watercourses that once ran through the original landscape, moving between external and internal spaces to gradually reveal moments and markers of indigenous geology. The biodiversity of the Precinct will be fostered and celebrated, with the landscape designed to foster opportunities for research and observation.

The variety of landscape spaces, passive and active, allow for multiple types of events and activities to occur together simultaneously. The landscapes’ evolving character will define the New Student Precinct as a premium destination throughout the year, and will encourage repeat visits from students, staff and visitors alike.

Round me of amphitheatre ground level.

Round me of the amphitheatre level 1.