Building 189 and Amphitheatre

Building 189 has been restored to its iconic Art Deco form, opening out to landscaped areas and seamlessly connecting to the brand-new Amphitheatre.

Home to Market Hall, a light-filled, multipurpose performance and event space, walls of double doors welcome you into this warm and inviting meet-up space.

Beyond the rows of glass doors, Market Hall is also home to the Identity Bricks. The Identity Bricks Project invited Indigenous students, staff and alumni to share and embed their cultural stories and journeys in a permanent installation on the Parkville campus. Integrated into the structural columns of Building 189, the bricks serve as a creative recognition of this site as an Indigenous place with a continuing and diverse Indigenous presence.

Sweeping around Building 189 is the extensive site landscaping, incorporating a range of Indigenous and exotic plants, representing all 45 Indigenous language groups among the University’s student cohort. Winding grey mudbrick paths weave in and across the site, revealing the original Bouverie Creek waterway and mirroring the migration path of short-finned eels that provided food for Wurundjeri peoples for thousands of years.